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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 60GB $69/Month 12 Month Plan (New/Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


The deal on the website shows a $300 gift card but when I went in to purchase today at JB HiFi Cockburn, they said they were running an upgraded deal for today and tomorrow. $500 Gift Card instead of $300 Gift Card.

Not sure if this is Australia wide or a mistake. Doesnt show on Website.

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    Sadly if it's in-store then it doesn't apply to VIC :(

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      Does in regional VIC.

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        Not quite sure why it needs to be in store. Last time I just signed a contract in person. I'm sure click and collect can have you sign as well. Other parts where all over the phone.

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        $1700 fines or $500 gift card

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          Why not both?

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          Actually, it's now a nearly $5000 fine for leaving Melbourne.

        • I have a closed JB within 5km…

        • You’re allowed to go in store to open a phone plan in regional VIC.

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      They do sales over the phone in VIC, worth giving them a call: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/can-i-purchase-products-over…

      • I would be cautious about this… you're signing a contract, not purchasing a product… not sure what the process is here but i would be calling anyway to confirm if it's possible.

      • Other posts had people reporting they don't do it … Guess worth a try. Need to port out first so need to wait for next deal

      • I signed up over the phone (lockdown VIC) and eventually got my $300 voucher after much faffing about. Can't tell you if this deal works over the phone too, but I would say probably not as it's Telstra staff signing you up not JB staff.

    • Because City of Melbourne = VIC?

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    Cockburn.. now that sounds like a fun suburb to reside in

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      I knew a guy I worked with whose last name was Cockburn. He pronounced it co burn for obvious reasons.

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        He would have taken his mother's maiden name, but that would have made him "Sheridan Bouquet".

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          It’s “Bucket”.

      • Used to know a girl called Cockshell. Same thing…

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        Worked with a girl that married a guy with the last name of "Dick". Her name was Mary so saying her name fast use to sound like "Merry Dick".

        The best part was her husband was in the airforce and got promoted to "Major" after they were married.

      • Feel sorry for the guy named Richard Face

        • What's a Duck face?

      • That’s how you pronounce it here in WA as well as the place in the UK. Derivation of a combination of Old English words “cocc” (wild bird) and “burna” (brook or stream).

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        Cob and Cock


    • There are more gems here in WA, like Innaloo, Upper Swan…

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    Hey OP can you prove any pics of $500 deal? Maybe a receipt??

    Thinking might be good idea in case anyone anyone gets stonewalled.

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      I think I ditched my receipt sorry.

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      Can verify deal is legit, got it this morning after seeing the post here yesterday that got removed for some weird reason. Something about L and P users are not allowed to post JB mobile plan deals.
      But I was told it was a flash deal for yesterday and today, not today and tomorrow.
      Just call up first if you're worried.

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        Got it today, was told ends today

    • I have receipt with me, and I am happy to provide. please let me know if you really need it.

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    $99/$69 catch 1 year connect deal still ends up saving you more than a $500 gift card, to be precise almost $700+ if u do the maths and not locked in contract.. unless u need data, catch connect cheapest ive seen so far. used to get sucked into these jb deals until catch connect/boost popped up.

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      jb deals were popular before due to being able to cancel without paying an ETC. not sure if it's still working now though….

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        Hasn’t worked for just under a year…

        • worked for me in May with p30

          • @follow: Haha you might have lucked out. Been trying forever since December 2019
            Few reports here and there of people able to do it but by in large most have been rejected

      • I got a similar deal last year with but with the free TV instead of the $500. Telstra were "upgrading" you from the $65 plan to $69 but gave a $20 discount per month so it ended up being $49 p/m. These deals seem lacking compared to that

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          I got the same deal.. Then ended up returning the TV. I then got a gift card worth $720 or so. So the $500 deals do seem to lack compared to that.

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      Apples =/= pears

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      I found porting out of catch a terrible experience.
      Took about a week.

      Also coverage on Telstra is so much better, especially when travelling to the south west of the state.

      • Ported in and out 3 times from Catch without issue. Last time 5 days ago was instant. I think some people just have a bad run like they can with any company. Signal and data rate on Optus is 10x better where i live in west VIC. Depends on where you and where you travel I guess.

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      Sorry what deal are you referring to? I can't seem to find anything about this…

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      I agree, there is nothing special about this deal unless you like getting sucked in with upfront gift card deals. Over 12 months I can save more than $500 elsewhere.

  • Can I activate Telstra One and international subscription with this JB Hifi plan? Thanks.

    • After porting and checking my Telstra account, i can add on those addons if I wish.

      • That's new, I always thought the Jb hifi plan does NOT allow international calling pack from the previous jb hifi deals

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    ding it, just ported out from telstra to miss this deal, need to wait 1 mth to be considered new customer.

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      You can always try, I managed earlier this year to port back in within a few days. The guy at JB wasn’t happy about it when he realised (after he had submitted everything in the system) but as Telstra had already accepted me back in he let it go.

    • Apparently it’s a “flash sale”. I am on belong gotta wait 1 month to be eligible

      • No, I have done today, I was with Boost

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    Just spoke to JB. This deal is for today only (and yesterday). There's also another deal for the $99pm 12 month plan; where you can get any phone under $900 for free.

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      Also a $600 port in if you dont take the phone for the $99pm plan.

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      Even better, if you want an s20+ you can get the $99 12 months with an s20+ for extra $199. total 12 months plus $199 is $1387.
      150gb per month.. s20+. Saying that i wont buy an Aus phone with the current crappy exynos power hungry slow turd.

  • This is one heck of a deal. If only iPhone 12 was released last week

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      You can hold on to the Gift Card and apply it when the iPhone 12 is released if you wish :)

      • hmmmm tempting haha

      • This. Does JB usually get the flaships day of release? And can you preorder with them etc? Seriously considering this as Im getting the 12

        • I hope so, kinda counting on JB to have the PS5 on release day, lol

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      You could just get this deal and wait for the iphone 12 to be released in a month's time. It would still be a great deal.

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    Any early cancellation fee?

    • From the pds $594 max.

      • Mine was $350
        But keep in mind each time you do it theres a credit check applied. I could only do it 5 times until they refused to accept me (prior to the $350 fee anyway)

        • +1

          When did you sign up? I thought it hasn’t been $350 for a Long while.

    • ETC is $414

    • I got mine last year, I changed to $45p/m, 30gb paying month to month - so no lock in contract. Porter into Telstra June 2019, ported out January 2020. No cancellation fees cause I paid month to month.

      • Yeah I don't think they'll be repeating that oversight, especially after the great Pixel 4 heist of October/November 2019.

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    Can confirm this is the last day of the deal. Just did it at DFO Homebush NSW.

    • Was in homebush dfo also, but got too many Telstra plan already lol..

  • -1

    so the cost of this plan is just really 27.33 a month?
    why go to all the trouble then of doing it in a deal?

    • Again people, $500 is a GC not money. You can't pay your Telstra bill with $500 GC, can you ?

      Obviously, you can't get $500 GC by selling it on Ebay/Gumtree. You may get 15-20% off its value, if you lucky enough.

      So, again $500GC ≠ $500 hard cash people!

      • It is if you want something at JB

        • even that, it is still just worth $450-$475

          • +4

            @willz: No, GC says $500 not 475…relax you don’t need to take up the offer if you don’t want to ;)

            • -2

              @Fancydancer: if you're forced to buy at JB instead of somewhere else thats cheaper, you lost money. I think a $450 conversion is pretty fair

    • +2

      Works if your company pays your phone bill. Now that phones are not 'free' on plans, this is the next best thing.

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    I get it you get $500.00 voucher but IMO it's not really worth it, unless telstra is the only carrier that can service you.

    Optus is $49 per month + 60GB = $588 over 12 months
    Telstra is $69 per month + 60GB = $828 over 12 months
    Difference over 12 months is $240

    Those are just comparing the top 2 telcos. Worth the $260 voucher difference? Technically you're paying $240 of the voucher over 12 months, geez even worse if they offered the $300 voucher

    Edit: Even better, Vodafone offering $40 per month + 60GB = $480 over 12 months

    Aldimobile, NUmobile offering 50GB for $45 per month.

    • +2

      It's great if you're looking at purchasing something from JB (and can capitalise on the phone deal). Telstra are the best service provider in terms of reception, too (unless this had changed?). Last time I was on Optus I battled to be relieved from my plan as a couldn't get service when I moved. They literally told me I was responsible for moving to a rural area (I moved from Parkdale to Chelsea in Victoria) and thus had to pay a cancellation fee. I successfully disputed this (with their bullshit coverage map at the time) and went with Telstra. This came with a whole heap of other issues, but at least phone reception was fine.

      I left boost earlier in the year for Aussie broadband to get a deal like this, but in Victoria with the lockdown, I'm not using more than 2gb a month (being at home with wifi). I've changed my service to a low data plan and I'm saving $60 a month between the wife and I. Can't see this changing too soon - we'll see if something pops up a little later.

    • +1

      I'm about to go FIFO and absolutely had to have Telstra. This was the best deal I could get.

    • Don't forget Vodafone's $40 a month comes with Amazon Prime. Technically another $5 a month if you do use prime.

    • +1

      this is great too for tax deduct purpose. If GC is not showing on the same invoice.

    • +1

      You are forgetting the Oz'b secret deal

      Ring Telstra afterwards or via chat and ask for "Welcome" bonus $10 off per month.

      Works all the time for me.

      • Is this $10/month port-in bonus still going?
        I thought people said that Telstra stopped this 3 months ago.

        • Depends who you get but more staff are on the ball now, they normally say there is no further discounts on those plans..

          • @mikedenoob: Funny I still got that 3 months ago on my 2nd (work) Telstra account.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if it results in a credit check?

    • +2

      most likely, telstra does one when you sign up for their contracts (did for me last year on a similar 500$ gc deal)

    • +3

      Yes, post-paid plans always goes through a credit check, even sim only plans.

      • Not if you already have another service with them on the same account. In that case, they tend to do a check every 4/5 years. I got a credit check earlier this year but not the 3 years prior to that (have been on Telstra for past 4 years, porting in and out).

        • +1

          As this is for new and port In, chances of a credit check are quite high, almost unavoidable

    • +1

      Yes, almost certainly. I took up a similar offer earlier in the year and they conducted an on the spot credit check.

    • +1

      Just curious. Why do people avoid credit checks? I have never used afterpay or had a postpaid plan etc so not too sure about these things. Would've thought it's good to build a good credit history?

      • Unpaid bills generally, and most of the time they are telco bills

      • Looking at buying house. I would rather not risk it for $500 saving.

        • Fair call but if a credit check for a phone plan is leaving you that close to getting/not getting a house, I would probably hold off on such a large purchase.

          • +1

            @steelau: It’s not. It’s about being asked oh we see this on your file and that on your file. I like to avoid those questions all together. If only credit scores actually described a person’s financial history.

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    Can we have port in discount? Like -$10 per month?

    • Maybe, Telstra are advertising it at the moment.

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