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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 60GB $69/Month 12 Month Plan (New/Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


The deal on the website shows a $300 gift card but when I went in to purchase today at JB HiFi Cockburn, they said they were running an upgraded deal for today and tomorrow. $500 Gift Card instead of $300 Gift Card.

Not sure if this is Australia wide or a mistake. Doesnt show on Website.

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  • Just called JBHIFI, apparently the sales on the phone have not aware of this deal? I am in VIC lol. :( He said he can only offer $99 per month but with $500 gift card.

  • More expensive than last year by $4 per month. I'm on the same deal which came out last year and I pay $65/month

    • You should have upgraded to the $69 plan and then got the $20 discount per month. Think thousands of people did that last year from Ozbargain (Including me). Still on it now with the discount.

      • Yea I'm still on it. They said it'll only last a year, but it's been 13 or 14 months now and the $20 discount per month still applies on my account.

        • So you’re holding on to the $20/month discount but are out of contract and therefore missing out on a new signup voucher/discount? Not sure if that’s worth it?

          • @bozbargain: Don't know about jaystea but I've got lots of Telstra discounts for internet and phone so paying about $32 p/m right now for the plan. Waiting for a decent deal to come up. Or could go the Kogan route in the meantime for 3 months - $14.95.

      • How to get the $20 discount?

        • You're only about a year late…
          Telstra allowed you to change from $65 plan to $69. But they gave you $20 credit per month. Probably been over a year now since it was stopped as a bonus discount for the plan. People who signed up to it last year can still continue to get the discount but new buyers can't.

    • This plan shapes instead of $10 per gig if you go over, for some worth extra $4

  • Can this be done via phone? Or do i need to be in store.

  • Anyone got lucky in Melbourne getting this deal over the phone?

  • Paying $10 a month on Belong for the same network as you're getting on JB hi-fi, so happy I made the switch when my last JB plan was over.

  • I told my daughter about this plan but she is going with the same Telstra plan I got this week.
    $45 pm with 80gb month to month with no contract. Only available at Telstra owned stores.


    • Didnt see this. Great deal.

    • No gift card though, but nice inclusions.

    • Did your daughter ask if this plan is included 5G access network? If yes, I am going to sign up this plan instead of the medium plan on website. Thanks.

      • Did you read the CIS? I don't think you did. You should read it before signing up to a plan

        • Sorry I just read it, and went to store and asked some more questions. This plan is very limited, cannot add any addons to it.

    • Hi, can you ask your daughter if there is an option to activate Telstra One service and international calling pack in My Telstra app? Thanks.

  • I am with Telstra now. May I register a new telstra number at JBHIFI and being considered as eligible?

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    I actually had visited three JB in Brisbane, all of them have the in-store $500 gift card offer.

    I just port my number to Telstra today, I was on Boost prepaid previously

    At very beginning, they told me I cannot port my existing number to Telstra as I was with Boost(Telstra network), after that I visited another JB, spent $10 porting my number to Optus, and then signed the contract with Telstra at JB, got $500 gift card, and now I am with Telstra.

    I hope my experience may help for those people currently with Boost/ALDI(Telstra network) prepaid plan.

    • Is it the same deal in Brisbane? Only Friday/Saturday deal? I'm too slow and missed out if so :(

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        Yes, the same deal, I will suggest visit their store tomorrow in person, they may not tell you the truth on phone, that is my experience.

    • It does say on the page that

      Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers

      • I have done that successfully yesterday, the tricky part is that I was actually porting my number from Optus.

        • If you ported from boost to optus/Voda, then to telstra, that's OK, because you're not porting from boost.

  • Should work great with iphone 12 or Pixel 4a or Pixel 5

  • Could have sworn this was posted a day or two ago?

  • Melbourne Metro be darned…

  • I have 2 months left on an Optus plan with no cancellation fee (bar the device repayment)

    Does anyone know if I can’t just port out? (And happily pay those 2 device payments). Or do I have to notify Optus?

  • I got this today for my son - $500 gift card

    Port in from Aldi Mobile

    A good deal IMO

  • Just curious, but could someone explain why they need 60GB of data a month? Unless you don't have home internet this just seems insane to me.

    • FIFO worker. Minimal access to work WiFi.

    • That's only 2 GB a day. You'll easily chew through that if you watch a lot of videos. Especially considering people who have a data limit on their home internet.

  • Going by previous job/Telstra plans, I suspect that you may be able to upgrade/downgrade your phone plan after its activated. Cheapest is: 40gb for $55/m atm.

    $55/m x 12m=$660
    $660-$500 = $160 (if taking $500 at full value)
    $160/12m = $13/month for 40gb.
    At least that's what I can see on mytelstra acc.

    Plus claim the $55 bill off tax for %work calls and the plan is essentially free or even make money back.
    Previously you could refund the included phone at full value too.

  • Got it today perth city,changed over from Vodafone, because of fifo reception reasons,very easy done took about 20mins to being on Telstra network 🙌

  • Always pays to go instore for these deals. The Good Guys are doing free Samsung A71 for same plan until tomorrow. Phone is worth more than $500.

  • Can anyone tell how to get the $10 off p/m “welcome” bonus from Telstra?

    Didn’t find the online chat on their website

    • Use the Telstra app for messaging, and be prepared for delays.
      If they say no, just rinse and repeat. You only need one to say yes ;)

  • I got this deal over the phone as I’m in Melbourne.

    I called up and told the guy about the original post for this deal that I think was posted Friday morning by a newbie before being removed.

    Guy on the phone told me he could do $600 on a $99 plan and I think $300 on the $69 plan.

    I said I’d have to call him back as that wasn’t what I wanted. He called me back about 30 minutes later and I signed up over the phone for the $500.

    Will hold for iPhone 12 release

  • No deal on Sunday?

    • Tried to call first thing this morning, were rejected due to deal ended yesterday.

      Tried to call 6.30 last night and no one answered the phone so left voicemail.

      Sales rep won't budge..

  • Checked my local store - the deal ended yesterday :(

  • I went in to the belconnen ACT store and asked for it and was told it was only available yesterday. They offered $400 instead.

  • Hey, this might be a stupid question, but the bonus GC is basically the only reason you'd sign up for a JB plan, right? When going direct to Telstra you can get a SIM only plan, month to month so no lock in contract, more data which costs less per month. Almost like the GC is 'compensation' for signing up for an inferior plan and locking yourself in for 12 months.

    If you were planning on buying something at JB, great, but if not and you're just going to sit on the GC… maybe not so much.

    • Lucky theres a new console due out next month as well :D

    • Yes the main reason is the GC.I got on it because of GC and had it for almost a year, didn't know what to spend it on, so in the end helped a gumtree guy buy a drone and sold the GC for cheaper to him. I got cash and he got high value GC.

      They only just released that month to month option, I have been on the $69pm with 60gb for over a year now and didn't even see this until was hit with excess charges. My partner is on telstra and her contract ended.

      Missed this as needed to port out and was hard as I FIFO and her service is under my name.

      She is on a 20gb for $59pm which is crazy. So this new month to month seems a like a good deal for her as she uses it for social media.

      Will be waiting around for the next phone deal contract or GC.

  • Ported over last Monday 28th via phone. Still waiting for the gift card, anyone received theirs?

    • I also did it via phone on 28th and haven't had a single email or anything confirming that it actually happened. Never received the sim card, or anything from Tesltra at all. And my Optus phone number is still working.

      I called them on Friday 11th October asking for some kind of reference number, but they weren't able to give me that either… so I still don't know whether anything is official…

      • Called them back today and they didn't know what had happened to my order but that it failed. They let me order again today and honoured the $500 voucher… well, supposedly. Let's see if I hear from them after this one.