Earning some extra money

Currently going through a bit of a rough spell (financially) with COVID and still being on job keeper etc.
With my current job i have a couple of hours extra that I spend in front of a computer Each day and was just seeing if anyone knows any ways to earn maybe that bit of extra cash for the family.

Much appreciated.


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    Write a best selling novel. Some Kindle categories have so few books in them that you can be a best seller by selling a single copy.

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    Only Fans.

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      If they come with lights, make sure the bulbs are replaceable.


        Lights!? Bulbs!? The man said ONLY fans.

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    You could go into plant and garden ornament collecting and selling.


      Perfect time to get in on the ground floor while face masks are socially acceptable.

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    Take some photos of old stuff around the house you haven't used in the last 200 years and flog them off on FB marketplace! You'll be surprised how much money you can recover and how much better the house looks.

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    You could shoot pigeons at the airport


      Peregrine falcons living in the Qantas hanger at Sydney Airport have taken care of the local pigeons and rats for decades.

      They perform quite the service. A pair of peregrines will take at least one pigeon a day – those peregrines are responsible of clearing out hundreds of feral pigeons from the airport.

      Just keep out of their way in Spring when they defend their young.

      one of the falcons attacked a worker, causing significant damage to his eyes, neck and face. The worker “may lose sight in one eye”, the Transport Workers Union said… the falcon “attacked the worker when they were in the vicinity of the falcon’s food source”.

      Qantas told staff to wear safety goggles until the end of breeding season.


    Pay per view adult videos


      You mean become an actor?


    Sign up / creating a profile to receive invitation for paid research / focus groups.

    Not guaranteed though as there's screening process to find the target demographic. But you gotta be in it to win it, right? :)

    It usually takes less than 5min to submit your interest.

    Here's a couple to get you started:

    • Focus People
    • Realtime Research
    • Chitchat Research
    • Research Connections

    Best of luck


      Happy to hear if anyone's got other companies they used / can vouch for. Cheers.

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        I signed up recently for Taverners Research and got a $100 zoom group soon after


        Your Say Research
        Farron Research
        Apple a Day (health-related)
        Replenish QR
        Purple Corporation

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    A good way is to do match betting. Such as through bonusbank.com.au

    Can make a few hundred a week with ease normally. Especially once you learn the horse racing side.
    If you have a gambling weakness then don't do it.
    If you can be objective and just go for the bonuses, then all good.


      I'm using bounsbank also and can vouch for all of the above.

      Horse racing definitely where its at (but take your time to get there).

      Forums and how-tos are the place to start (on bonusbank). The in-web chat is priceless too.

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    What happened to the side business you already had or is this a side side business you are looking for now?


    Maybe See if there are simple things u can do on airtasker


    Give surveys a go, 2 hours a day would be ideal. I can recommend lifepoints, I still do their easy mytelco survey every month, 1 minute for 100 points, Others are pureprofile, my opinions


    Octopus group surveys.

    On average 4 surveys a month covers my monthly mobile phone bill - $10


      Serious question: how long do those 4 surveys typically take?

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    How much are people getting from non face to face and non telephone surveys? I'm averaging about $1,500-$2,000 a year in cash and gift cards.


      and what the average income use to be around 70 k !


      BTW the harder targeted groups use to get paid like 10 X than the average Joe but again nobody in that group wanted to do them ,
      Maybe different nowadays :)


    3 to 5 surveys will give you 10, life points let you cash out at $5 Coles gift card