50% off 3rd Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance @ AAMI (New Sign-ups)


Just signed up for 3rd Party Fire and Theft Car insurance with AAMI with 50% discount after hearing from my mate that he was offered the same. The AAMI representative told me over the phone that they have a promotion running which offers:

50% off AAMI 3rd Party Fire & Theft Car Insurancea
30% off 3rd Party Car Insurance

The rep told it's not declared on the Website. Seems to be silent promotion and only available over phone. Their contact number is 13 22 44.

Not sure how long this will run for so better to get it sooner than later.

I and my friend both signed so we are pretty sure it works. At least worked for us.

I would say give it a go and see if it works for you (my first deal post, so go easy on me :)). Moderator can take down the deal if it's not valid.

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