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Terramaster F4-210 4 Bay NAS Drive $287.99 Delivered (Save 20%) @ Terramaster Amazon AU


First time posting a deal. Hope it's all correct

Terramaster 4 Bay 210

Been waiting for the 5 Bay 221 but thought others might be interested in this. 20% off at Amazon. Seems worth the extra $70 compared to the recent 2 Bay deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • This NAS seems affordable and its 4bay aswell. Anyone know if this is good?

  • I've got one set up as an iSCSI target which I use Veeam to keep family photos and videos backed-up on, works well for this. It's got a very pretty web UI which seems a bit heavy but for what I use it for, it's fine

    EDIT: I have the F4-220 which I paid $300 for in May

    • Can I ask why you would not just plug a HDD into your router ? I have 12gb HDD plugged into one of the two USB 3 ports of my Linksys router, mounted as a SAMBA share . That's about 3/4full. I could grab another HDD/SSD and plug into the other port if i needed more storage. It has all my photos, and several GB of videos, music etc on it, It's mounted as a SAMBA share, so my parter or myself can stream video, either personally or via a cheap Android TV Box using KODI to my TV. I have a backup of that connected to my laptops USB C hub.

      I am trying to figure out what I gain by going to the expense of a NAS. I have no interest in PLEX, so I ask NAS owners what it is they are doing..

      • backup with RAID system. and yes plex. and many more

        • Not to be "that guy", but RAID is not a backup and it's really important people know that.

          I like to call it "an availability solution" as that's really what it's about - it helps you make sure your data is accessible most of the time.

      • Large scale RAID storage. Convenience. I dunno, everyone has their own reasons. I use a Synology DS1819+ loaded with 8TB drives. I don't think I'll be connecting a single HDD to a my router would cut it. My router doesn't even have a USB plug on it. Before we go the whole "mines better than yours", don't you dare knock Ubiquiti fam!!!

        • Would you recommend synology 1819+ for 4K Atmos movie transcorder? If not, which one do you think is a good alternative?

          • @jmondejar: Hell no! Lol .. I wouldn’t recommend any NAS for 4K Atmos TBH. I’d be going a route where the end device does the Transcoding, or a Server of sorts.

            Whilst mine has an Intel CPU, it does not have a CPU that has Intel’s QuickSync. I would look for one that has that if you wanted the NAS to do any kind of high-end transcoding. :)

            I’d otherwise recommend you get a NUC with an 7th Gen CPU or higher and use QuickSync there. Be mindful that you’ll need Plex Pass, if you use Plex, to take advantage of hardware accelerated transcoding. :)

      • Raid back-up.
        All Hard drives die, so when a single one goes, you'll lose all that is on it.
        I use a Synology DiskStation DS220j

        • Raid is not backup

          • @gunso: True.
            Uninterrupted continuity in the event of hardware failure
            I have my important files in the cloud also
            My other NAS files are big, but replaceable

          • @gunso: agree raid is not backup but likely better than using single disk?


          • @gunso: Kinda goes against the definition….

            "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks"..

            I've got an oldddddddd QNAP NAS with 2 HDD's mirroring each other.. .. One shat it self, re-created the mirror with a replacement and all good…
            So yeah, I'd say it is a backup..

            Looks decent for the price -> Purely in the sense of redundancy and the fact it has 4 disks.
            Specs don't look great for anything more than that…

          • @gunso: It shouldn’t be the only backup, there should definitely be an off-site hot and/or cold (in case of a crypto malware) in case of fire, theft etc. but it can have performance benefits if the data is striped as well

      • My whole home network is excessive, I have an NBN NCD going to a router that currently doesn’t have USB ports (waiting for some parts I’m going to build a Xeon based pfSense box) going into a 48 port HPe switch, PoE connected WAPs/IP cameras and a 10GBe SFP+ uplink to the garage and the home server which is just a HP Z440, there’s a 24 port HPe switch which has a run to the NAS and my desktop through another 10GBe link, more PoE for other cameras.

        My power consumption is about $11 per day which is stupid so I’m going through everything with a power monitor to see what uses the most. The switches are discontinued, old and noisey but have the bandwidth.

      • USB is very CPU intensive compare to SATA or Ethernet. If you can actually read 30MB/s to 50MB/s over USB, your router is probably doing nothing but reading the disks, meaning the Internet is probably frozen (not sure about USB-3). I would hook the HDD to TV instead. Anyway if you are not seeing performance issues you don't need to upgrade.

    • Veeam seems abit excessive to backup photos IMHO :/

      • That's what I thought 😂

      • It’s great for baremetal backups, if you want to go to the trouble of grabbing a full system image from time-to-time, or doing incrementals. I’ve used it at work a couple of times to do a full system transfer across dissimilar hardware. Yes, it’s aimed at enterprise and probably a bit much for home, but it’s pretty robust and works very well when properly configured.

      • Veeam home edition or whatever it’s called, I like it because I have it monitoring those particular folders so when something gets added it copies them to the NAS

  • How does this compare to a N36 microserver in terms of processing power?

  • Can you run another server OS with these (freenas, unraid etc.?)

    I want to have a backup of some key parts of my main server, this might do as a cheap server/access.

    • It runs windows server (by changing a bootable USB inside.the box). I saw a video on youtube a few months ago. May run other oses.

      • Umm…. This is the ARM cpu version tho….? I think you want a intel based one for that(Source: I own a intel one with OMV installed)

  • I'm new to this NAS technology. Will this allow me to connect to my files remotely?

  • They don't give you a TAX invoice based on my experience

  • If I just wanted to access files whilst away from home and use it as a plex server, would this do me fine compared to a synology nas?

    • I would like to know this aswell.

    • Just finished setting up mine this week (F4-220 from previous OZB post). Doesn't work well as a Plex server due to buffering. Unfortunately can't utilise hardware transcoding. See https://youtu.be/RgzGsdRQWoI for more info (16mins). Otherwise I'm quite happy with it. Really easy to set up.

    • I've set the F5-221 as a Plex server and works flawlessly, especially using plexkodiconnect on Kodi running on a Shield

      • Hi cacique. Would love to know your settings? I've tried streaming from my study where the Terra Master is, to my living room over ethernet and always encounter buffering. Trying to stream 1080 mkv files. The TOS dashboard is showing CPU usage up to 100%. It idles at <5% when not streaming. Ta

        • scratch that. Plex is working well on my other devices. Struggles with the TV app
        • He is probabaly using the Nvida shield as the decoder, so the NAS is no transcoding (Direct Play).
          Best if your files are mostly x264 as this is the most common codec. TV app probably can't direct play so it struggles with transcoding.

    • The ARM CPU does struggle with Plex.

    • Review from Amazon:

      This NAS is useless if you are planning to use as a Media Server. Cannot view/play Photos from the phone using plex, TNA mobile, AppleTV. I found that this NAS is very slow.

      Specs are low for anything but file storage really…

  • When will QNAP go on sale?

  • Arm cpu and 1g of ram, not worth the pain using it will cause

  • It might be possible to hack this into a 5-bay NAS as well as increase its RAM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nBTY5tf87Y

    • That's a F4-220, this is a F4-210.

      Looks like only their Intel based units have upgradeable RAM and 5-bay expansion.

  • 2gb? 1gb?

  • I was going to post a full review on the 2 bay I bought a few months back but it’s hard on my mobile and people will probably just want the summary, which is - These are cheap and nasty. Crap and flimsy build, nice looking OS which is very buggy and lacking in features. What is this brand good for? If you want a media server to setup an automated streaming box with little care for redundancy or something dedicated to store files with little importance this could be a bargain. If you genuinely want somewhere to reliably store your data - steer clear. I’ve made hundreds of purchases on Amazon and this is the only thing I’ve ever returned.

    • Wow - strong opinion.
      OK. I'll give it a miss.

    • The ARM ones like this are no good with their limited apps and underpowered CPU. Intel ones are a lot better.

    • Thanks, will not be buying this one

    • Can I ask, on what basis did you return it? Did you say it was faulty? Not fit for purpose?

      • Im pretty sure I put not fit for purpose. To Amazon’s credit they took it back without any issues whatsoever. It’s the only return I ever made which may have been a factor but I’m not sure.

  • If you want a sensible build for personal cloud only, a $50 hikvision Nas will do just fine, plug in another portable drive via USB for regular mirror backup. The APK allows automatic backup of photos and files from devices.

  • My recent experience with the Terramaster operating system was dissapointing on a 5 bay unit, with too many strange bugs and poor performance. I lodged a support request, but gave up after no response in a week. I returned it for refund with Amazon. I did like the hardware, and tried running Xpenology, which generally ran fine but not well enough to entrust all my data with it.

  • Save an extra $10 or so by ordering from Aliexpress and you're not worried about a long wait for delivery.

    • AliExpress prices are ex-GST so it'll set you back $219.98 US / ~$300 AU.

    • And forget the warranty. The AliExpress sellers would say return it at your expense (au to China, post office would say $100-200).

  • Just a point on this, because I think it bears elaboration:

    Why is RAID 1 not a substitute for a backup?
    RAID 1 isn't a substitute for backup because there are a lot of risks that it can't protect against. If you accidentally delete a file, it will instantly be removed from both mirrored copies. If your disk is corrupted by a software bug or virus, the corruption will be done to both mirrored copies simultaneously.

  • Is this code expired now or still supposed to be working?