Facebook Friend Requests, Something Odd Happened

I just received a notification that Jane Smith (name changed ) has accepted your friend request. The thing is, I never sent one, I dont recall ever sending any. I have interacted with this person in the past via messenger, and email and have no problem with being friends with them but cant understand how this happened, They are not the sort of person to do anything out of the ordinary.

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  • I had someone recently accept a request I made about 2-3 years ago. Are you sure you didn’t send one quite some time ago, rather than in the last week weeks/months?

  • Has happened to me as well. Unknown people that too. I just went ahead and blocked them. Hate facebook, wish I could get off it but I keep my account active just because of the marketplace

  • I used to have the same experience and thought it was creepy and weird as. I would be auto joined to groups and have friends randomly added or “accepted” invites I never sent. It would randomly put likes from people I don’t know or randomly give out my likes… it never made sense… until I watched the doco on Netflix that came out recently, “The Social Dilemma”, and now it makes a lot more sense why this random shit was going on with my account.

  • I've definitely had "friends accept requests" I've never made, been added to groups I never joined etc

    Re the groups I tried to rationalise that I must have "liked" a meme page or something, and then they sold it off once they got big enough members and rebranded the page.

    The Social Dilemma was a great watch!

    I don't really use social media anymore. I've deactivated FB 100 times but they are too smart for me. It's just so hard when so many other apps require FB / login via FB.

    • This is the the reason I have to keep FB. So many websites and apps rely on having a FB account, that and buying and selling on marketplace. I have a blank account now.

  • Step one - delete Facebook, Instagram etc
    Step two - all steps completed

  • hellopam……

  • Go into your profile, activity log. Select Filter - > categories - > "your connections" - >"sent friend requests" any you should be able to see who you requested. Sometimes when I'm scrolling through Facebook half asleep I'll click a random profile and somehow send them a friend request.

    • I found this and checked it and as I thought, I have never sent any, way back to beginning. Probably had fear of rejection. So this a new friend, even though I know who she is, is a mystery as to how she got sent this. I know her through family history research, havent interacted for a while and it was not through my facebook email login address. I did think of her the other day because I saw a family history info but never went near her name or page

    • thanks for that info