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Buffalo 1TB External Hard Drive $49 [Retravision]


Received this in my mail.

Exclusive subscriber offer. 1TB for only $49.

I believe you can subscribe on their facebook page to receive your voucher ID.

Limit 1 per customer.

Not sure if it's for Retravision WA only.

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  • Seems to only list WA Stores

  • Am interested in peoples opinion on this deal…am after a cheap 1TB USB 2.0 drive ; )

    • Buffalo are a good brand. I wish this was available in QLD as I'd snap it up in two seconds.
      This won't be able to just run off the power of the usb, so it'll come with an AC adapter.

      • Sounds good - cheers Spectator ; )

        I'm in WA and got this in my email last night, so this should work out nicely.

        • Kirt….I just have to ask… your avatar….what is it? I scanned the code but didn't resolve to anything :P

        • LOL! I think it was from some random drum and bass website, but I altered it a bit so it is meaningless…did it when I was half cut one night and haven't bothered to change it : )

  • What brand is the drive inside? Hitachi?

  • This deal is DEFINATELY in W.A only as all W.A stores are owned by "Retravision Western".

    Same applies for some deals on the east Coast from time to time.
    TAS, VIC and lower half of NSW is owned and operated by "Retravision Southern".
    QLD and northern NSW is owned by "Retravision Northern".

    All 3 companies running off their own different pricing structures, deals, administration, offices, and CEO's.

    So basically whenever you see a deal for Retravision, theres a 33.33% chance its available to you.
    Kinda the reason why I stopped paying attention to their advertising…

    • Do you know who owns and operates SA Retravision stores?

      • Retravision Western these days.
        Early last year more than half of the S.A stores folded, but those who remain are under the pricing structure of Retra W.A, so this deal should apply to you ;)

  • anyone get a price match on this?

  • looks like a 3.5 inch drive does this mean it will require an external power source?

    • I bought one today and confirm it does require an external power source. Not many left though