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[Android] Free - Infinite Loop Puzzle (was $4.39) - Google Play


This popular puzzle game is free for a limited time again.
Grab it while you can.


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  • This still had ads in app for me.

  • Looks to be a knock-off of Infinity Loop - which you can play for free, or spend $2.79 to actually remove ads.

  • PAID app on-sale should have no ads.
    This should be FREE app.

  • PAID app on-sale should have no ads

    • Hm, what about games on Steam that have extra content (one must pay for) that should have been included in the main game but is hidden behind a paywall, when the games are on sale or even when they are free?
      Also what about EA sports games?
      Plus, mate just repeating word for word what someone else has said is just lazy and wrong (and plagiarism which is wrong too). Or are you the same guy and this is a sockpuppeting account?

      • That's called In-App Purchase.

        In-App Purchase is for more content. In-App Purchase can be in Free or Paid App.

        But Ads is not in Paid App.

        I would like to say again here that in Google Play Publiser Console has a warning if dev includes the ads library into a Paid App. But Google Play still allows dev to answer "No" to the field, if dev only includes the ads library, but not use it for showing ads in Paid App.

        Why Google Play allow that? Because dev usually has same projects for many versions of an app, they don't want do duplicate the projects, just change the logic inside.

      • and I'm not the same guy as him. You can ask mod to check. May be you don't remember me, I was the one who supported you about Free App info leaked in Epic Games. But I also support the right thing, because I'm a developer, and I use Google Play Publisher Console everyday. Then I can tell you that.

        • What about EA games that cost upwards of $70 and still have ads?

          See this for example:



          To be honest, there is nothing wrong with staggered pricing models.

          For example:
          Free - 10 minutes per hour
          Pay $5 for game; 2 minutes per hour
          Pay $15 for game; ad free

          As long as the info is clearly stated on page there is no problem.
          Here it is stated there are ads so no issue.
          Plus it is free right now so it is the same for me as an app that is free from outset and has ads.

          Keep in mind no-one forces you or anyone else to buy this app, any other app or a game. They are not life-essential and as long as the disclosure is there it is not illegal.

          People can make their choice and everyone is different: for example, I would never spend even a cent on things like skins, cosmetics etc. but apparently there are millions of gamers who disagree and I am in the minority (see Fortnite for example).

          You ask why Google allows that? Because they are a for profit company and possibly because the majority of people and maybe devs does not share your view. Always remember: companies are not in it for the love of it.