Wahl Groomsman Pro Plus $59 (Was $100) Delivered @ Shaver Shop


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This 16-piece head-to-toe grooming kit comes with five interchangeable heads:

Precision Ground Full-Size Trimmer Blade
T-Wide Blade
Precision Detailer Blade
Dual Foil Shaver
Rotary Ear/Nose Trimmer

It also comes with an Acculock 6-position guide comb, as well as six individual guide combs for short, medium and long hair, giving you the ability to trim your hair from 0.5mm –12mm in length. Being such a versatile trimmer, this can be used on all hair types. The Wahl GroomsMan Pro Plus truly does it all

Silicone rubber grooved body is durable, ergonomic and easy to grip
Great for neckline, body grooming, hair-cut touch-ups, sideburns, ear, nose & brow hair, beard, moustache
60 minute run time

Includes: 6-guidecombs, 6-position Acculock guide, Standard trimmer blade, T-Blade, Precision detailer, Dual Foil shaver, ear/nose hair trimmer, charger, cleaning brush, blade oil and travel/storage pouch.

Make your trimmer last: Help maintain the longevity of your trimmer by regularly oiling the blades and using the cleaning brush provided.

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  • doesn’t mention lithium ion batteries so probably isn’t …..

  • 8-10 hour charge 😐

  • Been looking for a hair shaver since the covid lockdown. Is this a good brand to get? Any other recommendations for hair shaver?

  • Can vouch for this model. I bought one 10+ years ago. Looks exactly the same, only difference is I got 3 individual combs instead of six.

    The battery is enough for a beard. Mine still holds enough charge to get through a trim, I just charge it overnight. Gets used on avg once a week.

    Blades get oiled every 2nd or 3rd use. I've only had to replace my blades once, when I dropped the original blade during cleaning.

  • I remember walking into a shaver shop and getting one of this for $40/$50 a couple of years ago.

    While there's is certainly versatility with being able to change the head I've since found a non-removable head has a more solid feel.

    Even this cheapo one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518032

    The changeable head kinda rattles after a couple of years of use.

    I still have both. But I prefer the non-removable head as my regular.

  • Doesn't mention anything about being washable…so I'd assume it isn't?