Costco Discount Membership / Renewal?

Hallo all

Any tip or link or code to get discount on costco new membership / renewal? Thanks

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  • Nope.

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    go with someone who has a membership?

    • Doesn't work in Melbourne. Only the member is allowed in. No companions.

  • Start a business and you can get a business membership which is $5 cheaper.

  • Only if you buy in bulk - 600 memberships at a time :)

  • Register an ABN or get borrow one from a tradie friend.

    • A friend has a ABN and tried to get a business membership. Costco wanted more than just a ABN number. They wanted a business card or some 'proof' of business being real.

      Not really sure WHY?!

      That said, looks like you can signup online and it really just wants your business details etc

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    If you set up direct debit auto renew, currently there is an offer of $10 Costco shopping voucher. Saw this at the Moorabbin store last week.

  • We didn't renew our Costco membership immediately, and around 3 months later we got an offer saying renew and get around $30 worth pancake mix, bacon & maple syrup for free.

  • Thanks all for the comment , appreciate it.

  • Costco emailed this yesterday:
    As a valued member, we appreciate your loyalty and patience during stage four lockdown. As one of our Victorian members, we understand this has been particularly challenging.

    As a gesture of our gratitude for your loyalty during this time, we would like to offer you a $15 Costco Shop Card*. This amount represents the value of 3 months of your membership fees. This Costco Shop Card can be used either toward your membership renewal fee or on purchases anywhere throughout the warehouse^.

    Your Costco Shop Card can be collected at the membership counter of your local warehouse in Victoria on or before the 31st of December 2020.