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Baseus Universal Auto Truck Windshield Wiper Blade Refurbish Restorer A$10.98 Delivered @ eSkybird


Simply way to extend the lifetime of your Windscreen Wipers.

Don't forget to apply code OZSW037 at checkout.

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Baseus Universal Auto Truck Windshield Wiper Details as Follows:

Placement: FRONT
Item Weight: 0.04kg
Item Width: 1.3cm
External Testing Certification: CC
Item Height: 6.5cm
Type: Wiper Blade Scratches Repair

Please note: Due to COVID-19 and Increasing Orders, the delivery day may be longer than usual.

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    Anyone used one of these before and can recommend?

  • Has anyone tried one, Wiper Blade Refurbish Restorer? I've seen videos on the net. But they look to good to be true.

    • This is the first time I've ever seen one of these. I'm also wondering what the difference is of using what is essentially fine sandpaper to 'grind' the edge of your wider blade refill vs. just giving it a wipe with a damp cloth every now & then to keep it clean and remove the grit that causes the pitting. I normally spend $15-$10 ever 12-18 months on a set of quality refills anyway, so this could potentially help prolong their life, but by how much?

      • Bosch AeroTwin, $35 each but mine are over 3 years old and still wipe like new. Car sits outside in the elements.

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        sniff sniff "You smell that? Smells like I have to buy new brushes"

  • getting stuck at phone number why does it give an error when i've put 061 as a country code? frustrating

  • the website OMG

  • All this does is shave the wiper blade in the hopes of renewing wiper function, although it will never achieve the same result so pretty much rubbish.

  • I have used a generic one of these before (looks the exact same) and it was total rubbish. Basically cuts a layer of the rubber off, but they never work the same after. Also had a habbit of getting caught going along the blade and taking chunks of rubber. Also noticed that it left streaks after I used this (likely unsmooth cut). Ended up just replacing my blades

  • Sounds like a waste of money. So what it does is effectively shaving the edge of the wiper blade to "renew" it.

    When it comes to wiper blades, the rubber itself deteriorates over time with exposure to the elements. It becomes hard and brittle, eventually cracking and disintegrating. There is nothing that this product can do to restore your wipers.

  • What you can do is go for silicone wipers. Those when they start streaking, you wipe the blade and windscreen with a cloth and glass cleaner. Then you lay the wiper blades back down on the clean glass and let the sunlight/heat reform the straight edge. My wipers are from 2010, wiper blade companies hate me.

    Edit: The above doesn't work with regular rubber wipers. You need the silicone ones.

  • I have the exact one from the official Baseus shop at Aliexpress.

    Don't bother - the streaks are even worse after using it on the rubber wipers.

    I am a friend of Baseus products however they really dropped the ball real hard this time.

    Be very very very careful using sandpaper on the wiper blades. Google "sandpaper wiperblades" and there are already a lot of horrible incidents reported.

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      Same here, got one from aliexpress, total rubbish LOL but feel really nice on hand. 😆

  • "Please note, by placing orders you accept late delivery possibly delayed up to 1 or 2 more months than our below normal delivery time"

    1 to 2 MONTHS delay on top of 15-39 day normal delivery. Order now for delivery for 2021


      hi imp, mostly it will take about 45days, we ship by air, but now parcels need to wait for freight plane, so the delivery isn't stale in this period.