Finally BOOST Visual Voicemail! iOS 14

Do my eyes deceive me? Visual Voicemail is a thing on iOS 14!

Edit: Looks like it’s a network upgrade thing, not just iOS 14, great work.

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  • Happy days! Was surprised to see this yesterday!

    • I still don’t understand if it was a network thing or an Apple thing..

      • Network. I remember gettitng the iPhone 4 on optus and not having visual voice mail. Went to vodafone and there it was. Optus as I recall still doesnt have it.

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        Visual VoiceMail | Boost Mobile
        › add-on-services › visualvoicemail

        With Basic
        1. you can review and listen to voicemail messages in any order.

        Upgrade to Premium & get features like:
        2. no in-app ads,
        3. transcription into text, & …

        Googling "boost vvm" gave some links, that fail…

  • Where is it?

    • In the phone section, voicemail button down the bottom, used to auto call voicemail but now it’s replaced with visual voicemail in iOS 14.

  • Nice, reading a Whirlpool FAQ it seems to have been available since 19 September 2020.

    It's not an iOS 14 thing, as VVM has always been available in previous iOS versions, fairly certain it's network dependent.

  • What is that? Android user here

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      So, VVM works only on Telstra's BOOST n/w?!?

      I'd guess, that you can record a Sound+Video
      message, that gets folded into an eMail for
      you (lots easier than making a video & at-
      teaching it to an eMail),

      Dunno if there's any time-limit (as there could
      be trying to attach a huge video file to eMail).


    • It allows you to see and playback each individual voicemail directly without having to call into your voice mail. Kind of like how you would browse and email or text message.

  • Is it on Telstras other wholesale network users like ww and aldi?

  • Can confirm, It suddenly appear after installing ios14
    on boost mobile

  • any update as how can we enable visual voicemail? I cannot see it after the IOS update.

    • I'm interested too. Updated to ios14 yesterday and now no visual voice mail. I am missing it already!!

      • For me it just appeared automatically, had no idea it was active until I got a notification that I missed a call and had a voicemail, normally I get an SMS.

  • On iOS13, back to 101 instead of the visual voicemail…. what happened?