Baumr-AG Lawnmowers Question - Any Good or Cheap Chinese-Made Crap?

Baumr-AG Lawnmowers

Saw these on eBay. Was after a self-propelled mower, and one of their models also has electric start.

The "Baumr-AG Lawn Mower 21" 248cc Electric Start Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower."

Seems to have a lot of features, but I'm worried about it's reliability, parts and service.

Anyone out there, preferably a professional with experience in mowers, cared to offer any pointers as to whether to buy one?

Will it last?

Can I get parts?

Who will service?

Thanks in advance!


  • Their lawn mowers don't have the best reviews.

  • There’s a reason it’s so cheap.

  • I bought a post hole digger from them. It did a great job, but i only used it for maybe 20holes then sold it off. So i can't really speak to the LONG TERM reliability of them, but it worked well at the start?

    • Baumr MG sourced the item from various different suppliers and just stick their brand on it. Their post hole diggers might come from good factory but their. owners might be coming from different suppliers.

  • Baumr-AG

    Don’t do if you value your money.

  • Can you get parts if you need to replace the blades?

  • Bum-rAG. Don't waste your money.

  • Baumr-AG

    Tries to sound 'german' but yes its cheap crap, give it a miss.

  • Different name, same junk.

    Never change, AGR/Edisons/Mytopia, never change..

  • One of the reasons I'm asking is, I had a "no-brand" self-propelled mower that lasted over 10 years but, came with a U.S.A. Briggs and Stratton engine, the engine goes to this day.

    The rest of the mower, not so good shape.

    The Baumr-AG mower engine is not U.S.A. made.

  • Stay away from that brand. Plenty of reviews. I have only seen a few of their products and they look NAF.

  • Wonder why the "Baumr-AG" - to sound German perhaps?

  • Edisons on ebay has a long history, and deservedly so. check out the whirlpool thread whooah1979 posted on here to see for yourself..

  • Bought a jack hammer from them on ebay, lasted 10 minutes, then it all started trying to get a refund.
    I sent it back and hired one to finish the job.
    i only bought it as i had about a days job to do and it worked out the same $$ wise to buy the cheap one on ebay.
    i wanted a refund and they wanted to repair and send back which they did.
    after alot of toing and throwing with their overseas call centre, i personally delivered it back to their warehouse in seven hills for a refund.

    • You were lucky. They told us to bugger off saying that the item we bought only had a 3 month warranty.

  • These are questions you pose to the seller.
    Have you considered doing that.
    Ebay has a messaging system allowing you to do precisely that.
    Contact eBay and ask for further information on how to contact seller.

  • In my experience with them, no their products are crap to start with, this is not a problem if you have a one day task and it lasts the one day….. for me the two air compressors they sent me (one as a replacement) did not work from the unboxing.

    Then you get the famous "non-service" from them which you can read about yourself by searching the web. This is worse than the product, they will ignore your claims for money back, they may even lie to say they did not receive the returned item (as happened to me). I was lucky with my purchase in that I had tracking information and Paypal refunded.

    Everyone has their own value for longevity/quality of equipment but no one has an expectation of 0% service if there is a problem. Don't buy and use a cheap item from Bunnings or elsewhere where you can return if it fails.

  • I've had a decent experience with a $200 chainsaw of theirs, 8 years on with next to no proper maintenance and it still works well, but the plastics have been cracking for a while. I did have to replace the spark plug on day 1 though, so for a lawnmower with electrics, I wouldn't be so sure on it.