Connecting external wok burner to a gas cooktop

TL;DR : Is it possible to connect an external wok cooker to an existing gas cooktop ?

I have a usual gas cooktop. Something like this I am planning to do buy a wok burner -
It will connect fine to a gas bottle - but couldn't I simply plug this into the existing gas cooktop's gas valve? Gas valve accessible by simply removing the burner cap. Having never used an external burner, I am unsure if all it will need is an adapter to plug into the valve ?


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    Most houses use Natural Gas, not LPG. They don't burn the same. Don't use a burner designed for the wrong type of gas.

  • That gas burner is for outdoor use only. You cannot use it inside due to carbon monoxide.

    Do not proceed with this idea.

    • Even if the inside is very well ventilated and has a powerful extractor?

      • You can try, but the only way to find out you failed is when your 6 feet under. So not a good idea IMHO

  • They can be converted by making the gas nozzle smaller