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25% off Akubra Hats (Made in Australia) Traveleller $157.50, Stylemaster $146.25 Shipped @ Smart Alec Hatters


A great time to support local stores and Australian made manufacturing. Smart Alec Hatters (in Fitzroy, VIC) are having 25% off Akubras, felt hats, scarves, gloves and beanies.

Free shipping too - I think. I got free shipping in Melbourne.

Makes the Akubra very competitive against the usual online retailers (Gooleys, Everything Australian, Alingtons etc). Doesn't match Nungar, but Nungar takes forever to ship if they dont have stock.

Cattleman ($150, from $200)
Traveller ($157.50 from $210)
Stylemaster ($146.25, from $195)
Cooper Pedy ($176.25 from $235)

Just picked up a Traveller hat in Bran and Stylemaster. They are nice 'lifestyle' & urban alternatives to the #1 selling Cattleman or trying to avoid the Barnaby Joyce vibe :)

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  • Made in Autralia

    Nope. Pass.

  • heaps of fedoras for that max m'lady potential

    they dont seem to have a std brown fedora for that indiana jones style

    • Akubra's are great. Their quality, construction, material and wider brims are far more classic and avoid the typical neckbearding (I hope…as I type this wearing a Stylemaster)

      Akubra doesn't have a lot of brown hats. The Hampton and Leisure time and probably closest to an Indy style hat (no edge trim). Stetson & Dorfman still do the best Indy hat imo

  • +1 vote

    The Cooper Pedy hat is a fine hat to own. Very stylish and practical, without the Akubra logo stamped on the side of the hat making you look like a walking billboard.

  • Don't you sort of need to try these hats on before buying. IMO

    • That obviously helps but it's fairly easy to measure your head circumference and pick and appropriate size (err on side of bigger as proper felt hats will shrink over time).

  • My fave is still my Coolabah. Yes, trying on is important imho, especially for women and especially if you wear your hair tied. A lot of the time the hats require padding etc so worth visiting a local store for a fit then shopping around.

    • I value saving money but please don’t get fitted in store only to shop online. At least buy the first one from the shop that sizes you up and get subsequent ones online once you know your size.

  • Go to everythingaustralian.com.au, they have this "sale" price 365 days a year…

    • True, but add shipping with Everything Australian. And a few styles are cheaper with 25% with Smart Alec Hatters.

  • Anyone know where to get hats (for big heads) that are wide brim and made out of straw/plant material? Need a really wide brim hat for gardening but they don't really make them for men?