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Coles AA & AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (4 Pack) $5.60


Great price on Low Self Discharge AAA 800mah NiMH batteries from coles for $5.60!

I bought 6 packs today from local coles.

AA 2200mah low self discharge rechargeable batteries 4 pack also available for $5.60

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  • What's the normal price?

    • I've never seen them before, but the tag said 20% off

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        Lol it says buy any 2 for $12.

        Maybe mention AA in the title as well.

        • That is limit to 1 per transaction…
          I remember couple of months ago how some supermarkets controls sales, 1 toilet paper pack $5 and 2 packs $50…

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            @Kas: Where does it say there is a limit of one?

            Retail Limit: 20
            Promotional Limit: 20

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              @Arthur Dunger: Kas is referring to when people were panic buying toilet paper, and to control hoarding they boosted the price of items if you bought too many.

              It's similar to the Coles battery pricing here where buying "any 2" actually increases the price per unit to $6. I'm guessing this is just a hangover from the pre-sale price of $7/pack, and the sale price probably will apply and give you 2 packs for $11.20.

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                @Alzori: So if you need more than one just make separate transactions at the self serve checkouts.

              • @Alzori: Can't this be descirbed as a price error…?


                Just buy two, and either way it's different from the advertised price!

                Maybe not - darn.

                4.1 The Item Free Policy

                Where a customer makes a valid claim that an item has scanned at a higher price than the shelf price, the following shall apply

                (a) If the shelf price of the item is $20 or less, the customer will be entitled to the item free of charge; or

                Then again, if they come up as two for 12 wouldn't that qualify?

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                  @RecklessMonkeys: Tried the free item scanning thing, they didn't give it to us because the 2 for $12 was correct. They gave it to us at the $5.60 price for four packs which was cool. I guess technically the scanning was correct in this case, it's just that their deal for 2 was worse than their special for each! haha idiots.

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      $7 is the normal price, so 20% off.

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    I bought these AAA last month, after 1st charge, one batter leaked. Threw the packaging away so probably wasted money.

    • That's no good!

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      You don't need the packaging to return a faulty product, just proof of purchase.

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        OK, I have the receipt so will try that. Thanks

        • how'd it go?

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            @capslock janitor: Didnt get time to go to coles yet, will definitely update here.

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              @irmalik: any updates?

              • @maddoglee: friendly reminder..

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                  @DAT: Hi All, I was able to get the battery replaced but not refund. Note: you must have the package and within 30 days. However, I argued so the guy just went and got me the new pack without doing anything in the register.. I assume thats because it was under $10.

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        I feel like for a "Coles" battery you shouldn't need proof of purchase, not like you could get these elsewhere. Receipts are good though.

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          It shows you didn't steal it ;)

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          Shows that it isn't a battery from years ago, got to return in a reasonable amount of time.

          Also shows it isn't a stolen product just being returned off the shelf or from elsewhere.

          Yes I know this can easily be loopholed but there needs to be some kind of accountability

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            @freoleo: I have never shown proof of purchase when returning a Coles branded product. They absolutely do not care.

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              @no not me: unless things have changed since I worked there years ago, it's not that they don't care, it's because it's store policy. if you're "unhappy" with a coles-branded product you can return it, i don't even think it has to be properly faulty.

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              @no not me: So you got away with it and is boasting about it.
              Good on yah

              • @berry580: Haha, not at all. Coles and Woolies (I think) are just happy to replace their own brand products without proof of purchase.

            • @no not me: username checks out

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            @freoleo: The battery leaked after using it. I'm pretty sure he's fine to return the battery without the packaging. Surely everyone throws away the packaging as soon as they use the battery.

            There should also be an indication on them as to when they were manufactured.

            Plus if he has a receipt, I'm pretty sure the battery isn't stolen. It's also only $5.6. The price of policing and the damage to Coles' reputation for refusing to refund this is way more than the risk that some (profanity) stole a battery for a quick buck.

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            @freoleo: Also stops people buying at special and getting a full price refund.

          • @freoleo:

            got to return in a reasonable amount of time.

            aint it 1 year warranty on the packaging ?

      • you don't even need proof of purchase, by law. However it's always a bit more of an argument with the seller…

        • But the batteries don't have a lifetime warranty do they? So of course you would need it if they wanted to argue the date of purchase.

        • Why wouldn't you need proof of purchase by law? Does it say somewhere you don't need it?

          • @ialam99: The biggest problem will be how much to refund. What if the person bought the items on special and not at full price. How would they prove at which price point that they had bought it at?

            • @nobro25: Typically it would be exchange if you didn't have proof of purchase.

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      You can't charge them in the microwave.

      • Who the heck charges batteries in the microwave?

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        I think that may cause batteries to do something more exciting than just leaking.

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        Everyone knows you can't recharge batteries by microwaving them. You need to boil them in the jug for the fastest full charge. Takes around 1 minute!

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          Or leave them in the sun if you're lazy. According to 5G conspiracy theorists and Trump fans electrical storms will do a great job also.

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            @DisabledUser67242: In the sun you say.. Yes. YES! Magnifying glasses, big ones, rapid charge!!

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            @DisabledUser67242: When i was a kid a mate used to put his batteries on his windowsill in the sun to charge. Of course being a kid you don't question the logic of doing this🙂

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      I had the same problem with their disposables a few years ago, so I'm never buying their branded batteries again. My hand was stinging afterwards.

      I've found the Aldi rechargeables to be quite good.

    • Same thing happened to me with AA, had them on charge for the 1st time and one of the batteries started smoking.

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        which charger? I use the OzB favourite LiitoKala and never had a problem.

        • Panasonic Ni-MH charger, the battery ended up melting part of the charger unfortunately. Never had issues before with that charger.

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      Its NiMH Batteries, U cant use regular charger

      • What kind do you use?

        • An irregular one?

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        Love too know too a recommend affordable NiMH Charger cheers

    • Bad news for good quality brands. I refuse to buy the coles brand stuff. They want to control production by dumping low-quality brand on us. In the long run, that will be the only brand that they would carry, we would be left with barely no choice and lemons.

  • Where are they made?

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      Country of Origin:
      Made in China

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      The Chinese-made rechargeable battery that I bought in Aldi has never been a problem. I probably bought dozens of them.
      Ikea’s rechargeable batteries are also good. The batteries are made in Japan. They are more expensive than Aldi one.

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        Aldi ones aren't as good as IKEA/eneloops (but are a bit cheaper) IMO

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    According to choice these are better than enloops

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    Yeah these batteries aren't bad at all.. i usually pick up a pack every now and then. I usually pay around $7 or a little more normally.

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      You pick up a pack every now and then? That makes me worry about their longevity. I think the last batteries I bought were from a Dick Smith store.

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        Probably needs more. I always seem to need more AAA's these days.

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        Nah I keep buying them because of my kids toys (more and more all the time)…so not to replace, but just simply need more.

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    I like the Aldi ones

  • I have some of these. They seem OK but i do notice the Eneloops last longer, though you'd expect as much given the price difference.

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        Eneloops are NiMH… All NiMH should initially provide around 1.4v but will quickly drop to 1.2v under load. You might be thinking of NiZn which are 1.5-1.6v. Normal alkalines are also 1.5v.

  • I bought these ones, and as a regular user of eneloops, I'll never buy them again… better than the bunnings own brand, but a poor alternative to eneloops!

    • Agree, but it's less than half the price. I use both in remotes and little motion nightlights and notice the difference but as long as they last a few years i still think they are OK value.

    • Does this works with eneloop chargers?

      • Any NiMH charger.

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    What is the price of Aldi ones?

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      $5.99 for four

      • Thank You.

    • are they rebadged Eneloops?

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    lol says $5.60 per packet or 2 for $12….well done Coles…

    • good batteries though, usually about $7 arent they. I've got loads in rotation in my rechargeables, never had an issue.

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      yeah, will need to make separate transactions in the self serve counter. Have done this before many times at woolies.