[PC, Pre Order] Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Activates on Battle.net) US$53.99 (~A$74.99) @ Games Planet


Was looking for any cheaper deals than RRP through Battle.net and found this price on Gamesplanet.

I have purchased and it is activated on my Australian Battle.net account with no issues.

With currency conversion, I saved $25 on the Battle.net store RRP of $99.95, so not too bad of a deal.

Release date: 13 November 2020

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  • Remember, NO PRE-ORDERS!!
    def will check this site after release thank you!!

    • wow you guys really love pre ordering games

      • Each to their own. People get off on different things. Some like to own things before others. Others like a bang for their buck. I'm with you though. But COD doesn't really drop their pricing super low. even the previous COD before this is still bloody expensive.

      • Probably more to do with these constant reminders which do absolutely nothing?
        As the other commenter said, to each their own. I personally do not care if someone pre orders or not.
        Reason being… This far into development of a game, pre orders will have no effect on a game this size, contrary to what some people think.

      • Yep, I do like supporting industries I enjoy.

        Pre-orders and week one sales are all that matter to executives in the games industry. Keeping executives happy means bigger budgets for the artists' next project, which usually means better games with more creative freedom (I mean, CoD is always going to have a big budget, but this more goes for everything else).

        Besides; I like experiencing the game (or any media) before I read other's opinions on it (reviewers, other fans), because then I go into it unbiased and know my opinion is fully my own.

        It doesn't piss me off to buy a new game and not like it.

  • F following

    Purchased and added ultimate to account for $112.53 and it's $150 on AUS store

    So ($37.47) saving :)

    Thx OP

  • Nice find

  • Thanks. Was going to get it from GreenMan but this is cheaper. Haven't used them before, is the process smooth and can they be trusted?

  • Did this enable you to get the free M4 skin etc in your COD MW/warzone account?

  • Thanks for this. Almost got it from Green Man the other day but decided to wait a bit longer.

    Game appeared on my Battlenet account immediately.

  • Its showing $78.13 AUD at my end. :(

  • just buy it on christmas they will put this on sale

  • very tempted. i didnt get MW until june or july when it finally went for $55ish, so this seems reasonable

    edit: anyone know if the CP carry over from MW? Cause I dont see the value in the ultimate edition if I can just spend my saved CP on the battlepass (the only thing i really care about in the ultimate)

  • Thanks dude! Bought it, works with Aus Account can confirm
    Got rewards instantly too

  • Open beta soon, grabbed 1 thanks.
    Should have read activation info closer… I panicked when signed up to them with dif email to my blizzard.

  • Thanks OP, never heard of this site! Did some research, looks good! Ordered in Aus (SA) and it activated immediately via this new "Blizzard Direct" feature :) Very cool and no CD Keys involved. Checked Battlenet and it's good to go!

  • Cheers OP got one

  • Thanks OP. It's ridiculous that you can buy this cheaper than BO3 atm

  • Thanks OP! Was looking for a deal on this and ended up paying $76.05, really easy process. Won't get much cheaper than that for a while :)