[PS4] Resident Evil 3 $29 + $3.90* Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ BIG W


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PS4 Resident Evil 3 - $29

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  • Anyone seen any bargains on RE2? Cheapest I can find is JBHIFI at $39 but not cheap enough, looking to pay under $25.

    • Same, been waiting for the game to go sub-$20 for a while now. Feel like it's very close at this point.

    • Harvey Norman had RE2 for $22 about 6 months ago….should be $20 soon.

      • It was $8 at HN also. I really wanted that deal but it was just when COVID started taking off and nearest store with stock was 30 mins away. Now it seems only JB and EB stock it, and stores with stock are few and far between too. I hope a sub $20 deal comes around soon.

  • Amazon just price matched - free delivery with prime

  • Considering how short the game is its probably about what its worth. I read that it's only 6-8 hours gameplay. Think I will pass but thanks for the share OP :)

  • Wish it was for Xbox

  • Yess I can finally play RE2 DLC

  • Good price. Although at this stage, it probably won’t be long until it’s a Gamepass/Xbox Live Gold/PlayStation Plus/Epic Games freebie, haha.

  • Decent price for this admittedly pretty short game. My casual run coming out of REmake 2 took about 5 and a half hours. Subsequent runs were in the 1-2 hour range going for good ranks/weapons. Probably about 12-15 hours of gameplay time if you're used to the engine of the new games or play a lot of action games.
    Multiplayer is okay but not really my thing.

  • If you've played the original, would it be worth picking this up for the gameplay and/or story?
    Not really into multiplayer, unless it has split-screen?

  • RE2 is a masterpiece. This game should have just been it's DLC. Too easy & short but 4v1 multiplayer can be fun if you like that sort of thing.