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40% off Olight Seeker 2 Black 3000 Lumen Torch $95.97 + Free Shipping @ Olight Australia


Olight Seeker 2 in Black will be 40% off for two hours only during the upcoming Olight Flash Sale. Pretty sure this is the cheapest it has been since it's launch price (30-40% off).

Runs on a customised 21700 5000mAh, rechargeable battery to allow for magnetic charging, can also support it's own weight when hung upside by the magnetic tailcap for hands free light but won't support it's weight is mounted horizontally. The triple emiiter setup gives a great floody beam and moderate throw of up to 220m, making it a great all rounder.

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  • geez RRP of $160 for a torch, it better fry ghosts like in Luigi's mansion

  • But can it crack skulls like the maglite 6D beside my bed?

    • Almost 200 grams and metal construction with a few nice edges on it. It doesn't look as intimidating but it's far brighter and will hurt a ton.

  • I wish we could find deals on flashlights with good colour rendering and a decent UI

  • A couple of important details:
    Sale 8-10PM AEST 29 Sept, limit 2 per customer.

    5 yr warranty.

    Battery is 40% of the cost.

    Interesting review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ug9KbBa-aE Torch gets very hot on turbo (3:34).

    • That all on the product page isn't it?

      As for the temp thing, most high powered torches will get hot when running at max output, that's why most LED downlights, hell, LEDs in general will have their own heatsinks. Torch bodies act as heatsinks so you don't cook the emitters. Not uncommon and not restricted to Olight

      • Yes it is in the link but when you've been here longer you'll realise that plenty of people don't click through. The time is actually critical to the deal.

        The reviewer's comment is that the torch is around 40 degrees and is "just bareable [sic]" at the points it steps down, hardly ideal for any torch and certainly worth knowing about if you intend to purchase.

  • It is so hard to justify the price given what else is out there.

    • I have about 7 different olight torches (I went a little crazy in their recent sale).

      My spending spree was based on the performance of a couple of headlamps I have from olight (H2R). All day performance (yes, I wear during the day … whilst underground), take a beating and really smart charging setup.

      I hate to say this on ozbargain, but in my experience, the more expensive torches work better. I’ve got a ten year old wolf eyes torch which still works like the day I got it … yet I’ve also bought a bunch of cheaper LED torches ($30-$40 range), but they just aren’t consistent or have any longevity.

      Cheap torches often have stupid features like flashing modes when you turn them off an on. Absolutely pointless.

      I’m not saying this particular torch is any good … but don’t see a cheap torch advertised on Facebook/eBay with similar specs and think that they have to be equal.

      • Cheap torches often have stupid features like flashing modes when you turn them off an on. Absolutely pointless.


        It's half the reason I get a torch. It is an amazing security/self-defense instrument.

      • Agreed mate, I've killed several "high end" torches over the years. I even paid $100+ for a 1000 lumen spotlight 3-4 years ago that can't even hold candle (lol) to my S2R Baton II in terms of portability, output or range, even with its stupid twisty-zoom feature. Had I of bought a branded torch, I would of paid $40-$80 more but actually got what it said it would do.

        Really not worth cheaping out when it comes to something you could rely on for your life, especially when it comes to batteries like ultrafire, which could explode without warning (had a set that went bang in a torch, that was fun!) or don't hold a charge etc.

        Strobe features are good! Cheap torches just put them in the standard UI cycle which is the problem. At least Olight, nitecore, Fenix etc have triple click to strobe etc. Better to have it and not use it, than needing it and not having it IMO

      • Bought the 2k Perun in the last sale ,came with the headband.
        Thought it was average for light until i worked out the Turbo. Lol
        Watched a YouTube review and he mentioned about it being heavy on the head compared to the H1r, he was right but acceptable for me with the extra light and battery.
        Used it heaps already and the magnetic charge cable is a kool feature, would have liked it to come with Strobe tho.

    • What are you comparing it to? These are torches similar in output, battery type or throw, from reputable brands, using good LEds, quality batteries and made of metal. Unless you are comparing it to torches that can only be bought from Banggood/AliExpress like Asteolux, convoy etc.

      • Klarus G20 3000 lumens, 150m throw and 26650 battery -$149.95
      • Fenix PD40R V2 3000 lumens, 403m throw and 21700 battery - $189.9
      • Seeker 2 3000 lumens, 220m throw, 21700 battery - Normally $159.95, on sale for $95.97
      • Acebeam TK18 3000 lumens, 286m throw and 18650 battery not included - $109.95 + $30ish for battery
      • Nitecore MH10 V2 1200 lumens, 202m throw and 21700 battery - $134.95

      Keen to hear what you recommend is a better option :)

      • …better option :)

        Anything that isn't a gross (subjective) cool white colour temp. Or doesn't use a proprietary battery (21700 might be the future for flashlights but proprietary cells are hot garbage). Or something that has a usable moonlight mode that is 0.1lm or lower.

        I'd start here - http://flashlights.parametrek.com/index.html

  • What's the bet there is no 7% cashback with CR when the sale drops…

    • Didn't even know Olight did CR… Huh. Well that would of been good to know a while back. Fingers crossed it is still at 7% for the sale

  • Very tempting since it has strobe.

    Best tool when confronting a group at night.

    Im near some public transport and local riffraff like to throw bricks on peoples roofs, because tin and loud.

    Ive been using a 100W COB led (36v @ 3.6A) strapped to a core2duo heatsink pwm'd at 75%, but that looks a whole lot less bulky.