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Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 G Master Lens $2390.40 Delivered - digiDIRECT eBay


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Been looking at this Lens for a while now. A real must have for all Sony users especially with A7S III coming in hot in a few weeks time. Cheapest i've seen of this lens (unless others have seen it cheaper)?

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  • A hobby id love too get back into not that I ever spent these amounts for a lens, though I'd love to have one 👍

    OP what can one do with this awesome lens?

    • I mostly take videos… and quite like using gimbal. so saves me from readjusting my gimbal whilst swapping prime lenses

  • does this lens have stabilisation built into it? or solely dependent on the sony body?

    • from my understanding no it doesn't have in-built stabilization

    • nope. But if you're using this natively on a Sony full-frame body, they all have IBIS, so you're not losing anything.

      Besides, if this lens had IS, then it'd not only be more expensive, but also heavier

  • Digidirect just jacked up the prices like they always do. I always buy from Dcxpert on eBay.

  • I wish Canon could do their equivalent lense at a similar price…

  • A good lens…though I opted for the 35/1.4 instead

    • I found the slow focus of the 35/1.4 maddening. I sold it for the 35/1.8. While that's slower, and bokeh isn't quite as smooth as the distagon, AF is wicked fast, image is sharp enough, and it's very light and discreet, making for a perfect walk-around street photography setup.

      • Slow focus? if you are talking about the Sony Zeiss 35 1.4 then slow focus is definitely not one of the criticisms you could make of that lens. It is very quick

        • Definitely not slow, I've tried it on both the A7II and A7III.
          Perhaps on the original A7 maybe?
          The 35/1.8 wasn't an option when I bought it…. but if it was I'd probably have considered going for that as its lighter and cheaper.

          • @mitchins: Try the 24mm 1.4 also. I got this a few months ago and haven't touched the 35mm since then. Such a nice FOV and depth of field combo. Great for environmental portraits. Managed to get it from Sony AU for about $1450 after all cashbacks and discounts

  • Pretty good price but it's still a really expensive lens. If you don't want to spend this much have a look at the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8. Most people say that it is almost indistinguishable in it's quality but it's a fair bit cheaper than the Sony G Master lens. Unless you pixel peep you are highly unlikely to see the difference between the two lenses.

    • by all accounts, the sigma is meant to be a tad sharper wide open. the Sony is faster with the AF though.

      I switched over from Canon DSLRs about 5 years back, and really missed my old EF24-70/2.8L II, so got the sony version as soon as I could, about 3 years ago.

      the sony 24-70/2.8GM is a great all-rounder, and my most used lens when travelling. I know some people prefer the 24-105, but I like the wider 2.8. And if I desperately need reach, then I just use the built-in super35/aps-c mode to temporarily get the lens to 105mm.

      • do you lose image quality tho if you zoom in using the in built super 35/aps-c?

        • This website gives you a good idea of what apsc mode does: https://www.diyphotography.net/sony-crop-mode-does-this-mean...

          I own a Sony A7R IV and I find apsc mode to be extremely useful for sports photography. It means I can get some 'extra' reach and keeps my file sizes down all while still getting a 26 MP photo. On an A7iii (or any of Sony's FF 24 MP cameras) you would still get 10 MP photos which is fine as long as you don't intend to use it for large prints or crop it much further.

  • I bought Tamron 28-70mm F2.8 and it is a great lens. If 24mm isn't a must then save yourself $1300 and buy the Tamron.

    • I think you may mean 28-75

      kinda hard to take your recommendation seriously when you don't know the focal length of your own lens properly…

    • There is also the Sigma 24-70 2.8 which is a good option

  • or you can go the canon r5:

    RF 28-70mm F2L or
    RF 24-70 F2.8L IS

    just waiting on a 20% off sale…might be a while though (i mean for the R5 body)…