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10% off Coles Group & Myer Physical Gift Card - Good Guys Concierge Required


Long time lurker, first time poster.

I joined Good Guys Concierge and noticed there is access to discounted gift cards. There is a current promotion for 10% off $250 physical Coles Group & Myer Gift Cards.

Coles Group & Myer Gift Card provides the ultimate luxury of choice. The Coles Group & Myer Gift Card can be used at any one of the participating stores below. That's thousands of stores and millions of exciting products to choose from!

Shop at Coles | Myer | Target |Target Country | Baby Target | Kmart | Kmart Tyre and Auto | Liquorland |Vintage Cellars | 1st Choice Liquor Superstore | Coles Express and
Please note some conditions and exclusions apply. Please read our Gift Card Terms of Use.
Physical gift Card Only. Cannot be emailed. Postage Required
10% Discount
Please allow 28 business days for delivery.
If your order exceeds the Fair Use Policy it may take up to 10 weeks for delivery.
This promotion finishes 30th September at 12:00am or until stocks last
This promotion is promoted by Pegasus Group Australia Pty Ltd

Good Guys Concierge can be accessed for $39 for 3 years by purchasing anything under $100.

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  • Took 90 days delivery last time I ordered the $500 one, it was irritating, but it did arrive and at 10% off pretty great deal.

  • I was unable to proceed to the payment page and contacted them via emails, after weeks of communication, they send me an email saying my phone number is "unlocked" from their system and I can continue with my purchase. WTF.

  • Doesn't worth the hassle.
    It's not about TGG, it's the Pegasus Group
    You will need to keep chasing them and they'll just give you all sorts of excuses.
    I think we should ban posting this deal from now on

    • But TGG are ultimately responsible, why are Pegasus on their books?

      • As Pegasus is a subcontractor, TGG is responsible. Technically you can make TGG give you the card.

        But the problem is Pegasus is useless. TGG needs to beat them with a stick / find someone else / do it themselves.

    • Pegasus Group stay away from them, you get a lot of frustration before you can get your physical gift cards. I used to buy these physical gift cards from Referral Advantage program via Honda. On 2 separate occasions, I waited for 2 months, emails back and forth, they offered the eGift cards, I told them I wanted the physical cards, after 2 months they finally sent me the cards. I was going to get these gift cards through TGG until I read these comments, saving me the frustration later. Stay clear of Pegasus Group if you don't want high blood pressure.

  • Let me stamp the first neg. Don't do it.

    • Agree, not worth the hassle… I only got mine after I threatened them with a complaint to the ACCC…

    • Agreed. Mine were only sent after a PayPal dispute at around the 2 and half to 3 month mark.

      They were sent put express 2 days after the dispute.

  • 28 business days or ~6 weeks to send a gift card? are they holding it to accrue interest??

    • I think they're just badly over-worked (which is management's fault for not hiring enough people), and everything is done manually (which is again management's fault for not automating systems.)

      I have found that they do generally reply, if you send them a polite reminder message.

      E.g. I hadn't received my Coles e-Gift card for a couple of weeks, and then I contacted them through the messaging function on the website. I then received the card the next day.

      • I don't think they're over worked, I think their business model is to hold onto your money for as long as possible before supplying the gift cards, I had terrible trouble trying to get mine…

        • This.

          I got excuses and promises extending weeks past the promised dates and eventually they stopped replying to my emails.

          Eventually got my money back after involving Paypal.

    • You are lucky if received the cards under 2 months. Hell, you are lucky if able to receive at all.

  • DO NOT order these. You will be fighting to get the cards or your money. I'm extremely surprised TGG even allow this company to still be associated with them.

  • don't bother with them.
    I bought using one of my employer's benefits which only then i know the giftcards were supply by Pegasus group.
    AtWorks/@Works = Pegasus group, beware.
    Send email for cancellation = no response.
    Call = no pickup
    Finally resorted to use paypal dispute. Took 5 days to go in to Refund - Pending. now waiting for the funds to go back to my credit card.

    Stay away from them.

  • Don't touch. Wait for the bonus 10% on gift cards that pops up at colesworth. At least that's reliable

  • I've order 3 times successfully but the last order chasing them up 4 times is not worth the extra 5 % .
    For all though chasing them up make sure you threaten with your State Consumer Authority in writing to get express service .

  • Just don't do it. Utter disaster.

  • This used to be reliable but slow i.e. 2 months then 3 months wait without having to chase. However, it's getting out of hand. Last time I waited 5 months, chased, kept getting excuses without any resolution/commitment.

    After all that time, got my money back so it was just a big waste of time, with no discount at all at the end. And at that stage, there's much greater risk of not getting your money back. As such, no point wasting time to achieve nothing, and risking much more money after it.

  • I had similar experience and had to chase them after 4 months and instead of telling a logical reason offered me a Pegasus gift card since they couldn't source Coles/Myer card. Unless you chase them they hardly honour your order in a hope that customer might have forgotten.

  • Literal waste of time.

  • Good deal…
    if u don’t mind waiting until until Christmas to get them…
    If u r lucky and/or spend a bunch of time on phone to chase them up

    • I wouldn't mess around with small orders with the time needed chasing .
      Either max or nothing and unfortunately with max the risk/reward is TOTALLY GONE .

  • +4 votes

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Their business model is to hold your cash. I reckon you will receive the GC by Christmas or 2021 year.

  • Not worth the hassle