[XSX, Pre Order] Yakuza $74.99, Far Cry 6 $69, Dirt 5 $78, Watch Dogs Legion $69 Delivered + More @ Amazon AU


Original Coupon Deal

Some cheap games to go with Series X, all these games will be crossgen so you can also play on Xbox One as well. Not all games are at launch heads up.

$69 Far Cry 6

$78 Dirt 5

$69 Watch Dogs Legion

$74.99 Yakuza Like a Dragon

$69 Assassin's Creed Valhalla

$89 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War(Crossgen copy)

$79 Immortals Fenyx Rising

$79 Cyberpunk 2077

$69 Fifa 21

$59 The Falconeer

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  • Some cheap games to go with Series X and S

    Except none of these are digital codes, so just the X, then.

    • That is stupid, they should make it that you get a digital dl option for every physical purchase….

    • lol…how can that be possible

    • Edited thanks for the heads up, completely forgot about no disc drive haha

      • Ironically, XBS, presumably for XBox Series, is probably a worse header, @mods. It basically makes you think of the Series S. XBX would have made more sense tbh, then if there's digi stuff you could make it XBX/S or something, but since digi codes come up so little on here, XBX would have just blanket made more sense.

        Whatever. Either way, I only managed to get an S during the preorder sesh so I'll continue to be digital only for the next few years I guess, only game I was half interested in around now was Watch Dogs 3 anyway, 69 on disc, cheapest digital code I could find was around 80, think I'll wait for the typical Ubisoft price drop in a few months on that one. Plus, after the GOD AWFUL story in number 2, I'll probably do good to wait on reviews this time around.

  • I wonder how much this site receives from amazon these days - any guess's?

    • Nothing? Kinda disrespectful to make these kind of claims when Ozbargain is run with really minimal profit taking.

      • its a simple question - mods post amazon promo's etc. can't see whats 'disrespectful is your label - about asking the question?

        • Given the average OzBargainer probably uses CR or SB to get the referral credit, I don't think OzBargain gets much at all.

      • +1 vote

        Surely they receive commission from everyone who clicks through to buy an Amazon deal - there's a referral included in the link.

        There's nothing new here, this is how Bargains sites have worked since the dawn of the internet !

        They obviously don't receive a commission from users who bypass the referral though, to use their own referral instead (Cash Rewards, Shop Back etc.)

        • Surely they receive commission from everyone who clicks through to buy an Amazon deal - there's a referral included in the link.

          We don't serve affiliate links to members ever. We do serve affiliate links to guests, only for particular stores and only via the main link (links in description, comments etc. aren't affiliated). As jace88 stated, many are using cashback websites which we also encourage on OzBargain. Affiliate income is the minority of OzBargain income, the majority comes from ads, and even those can be turned off for members in their settings.

          You can read more about OzBargain affiliate links here in our wiki.

  • Is any bricks and mortar store price matching amazon on games?

    • JB and HN usually match with no wuckas for me, but if you mean strictly actual matching and lowering their prices in kind, not that I know of, no.

  • So…. out of the launch titles, which ones are worth preordering/getting at launch? This was the dilemma I was faced with last night as I'm usually one who only buys games after much research but being a launch title and wanting to find something which shows off the next gen prowess, was hoping for some perspectives/insights.

  • So comparing to the PS5 on Amazon:

    Far Cry 6 - $79 ($10 more expensive)
    Watch Dogs Legion - $79 ($10 more)
    AC: V - $79 ($10 more)
    Immortals Fenyx Rising - $74 ($5 cheaper)

    This is weird, I always thought they'd be the same - what's going on?

  • I preordered Yakuza, then remembered it'll also be on Gamepass so will cancel it.

  • What’s the difference with the $79 cod Xbox version on amazon? It Doesnsay xbox one / Xbox series x edition