8bitDo Gbros Wireless Adapter US$9.80 (~A$15.32 Inc GST) with Free Shipping @ AliExpress


Have wanted one of these for a while now and this is a good price (usually $25+). For those who don't know, this allows you to play on your Switch or PC with your original wired controllers like Gamecube, NES, SNES, SFC Classic Edition and Wii Classic. I have their SF30 Pro Gamepad already which is one of my favourite controllers.

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  • So, does this mean you can plug a NES/SNES Classic controller into it and be able to sit more than 1m away from the console?

    • Pretty sure you need a Retro Receiver to pair controllers with the NES/SNES Classic. I've heard GBros doesn't play nice in this setup either.

  • Thanks I grabbed one.. Love all 8bitdo's stuff ๐Ÿ•น

  • Had no idea this existed, what a cool product

  • Note it runs on AA batteries

  • Bought - thanks OP

  • *compatible with nes/sfc/snes CLASSIC controllers (nes mini etc), not the original nes/snes controllers.

    Got one of these to play with Wii Classic/GameCube controllers on the Switch. New games are playable with some limitations, e.g. Link can't crouch on botw etc.

    • THIS

      Almost bought, then saw there was nowhere to plug in a proper SNES controller. Poor marketing copy/description by 8-bitdo (yes, it's described exactly the same on their website)

  • On snes online using a snes classic controller itโ€™s missing the zr and zL buttons meaning you cannot change games I think.

  • How about,.. a Xbos 360 controller? Newer Xbox One controller so I'm guessing through a USB cable too the controller and this devices connects too your PC through Wifi?

    Appreciate any help too my questions, seems to be a very useful device ๐Ÿ‘