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[XB1] Resident Evil 0 $7.48/Resident Evil $7.48/Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle $14.80/RE Revelations 2 $6.73 - MS Store


Pretty good prices for various Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil:

Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle:

Resident Evil Revelations 2:


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  • Need RE2!

  • Thanks Op been wanting Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle for a while good price.

  • Thanks Lys. For old school Resident Evil fans….Code Veronica is also on sale for $5.99 and backwards compatible.


    • Thanks, grabbed this one. I played it when it came out on ps2, but only got to the halfway point when the plane crashes into the arctic base. I was playing with a burnt copy, and the thing kept freezing after that so I couldn't play it any further. Will be good to finally finish it.

      Didn't even know it came out on Xbox tbh

      • No worries. Just be weary it plays like the original in terms of controls (think it's called tank controls).

        I originally played it on the Dreamcast and abandoning the game at the arctic base. I remember getting stuck (with one of the puzzles) and refusing to look up a walkthrough as I was determined to finish it without help. Decided to replay it some years later on the same console and finally finished it using the original save file - which was still working on the memory card. Enjoy the game.