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Beer Cartel Craft Beer Advent Calendar [Preorder] $150 Plus Postage


Beer Advent Calendar - PRE ORDER
$149.99 (save $50) plus shipping.

I understand this deal isn't for everyone - if you don't like craft or don't spend $10 on a can of the latest hazy boi, this deal isn't for you.

From beercartel:

Advent Calendars will ship from approx Monday 9th November.

A Beer Advent Calendar is a great way to count down the days to Christmas and explore new and exciting beers, plus a little treat to say goodbye to what has been a pretty sh*t year. For 2020 we have upped our game again and with over 15,000 Beer Advent Calendars sold to date, this year is set to be A·M·A·Z·I·N·G!

2020 Beer Advent Calendar
This year we’ve created a Beer Advent Calendar we reckon will rock your socks.

Featuring our fridge friendly advent calendar box packed with beers that are…

✔️ 100% Exclusive Beers
✔️ 100% Australian: supporting local Australian breweries
✔️ 100% Independent: supporting independently owned breweries
That’s right, we’ve partnered with 100% independent Australian craft breweries to include 25 exclusive beers to give you a one of a kind experience.

The list is epic and never before seen in Australia.

By ordering this Advent Calendar you'll access some amazingly well crafted beers by some of Australia’s best independent breweries.

With the beers being specially made for the Beer Advent Calendar, they’ve been brewed fresh for this pack, some canned within days of the Advent Calendar boxes being packed!

As a bit of a teaser, here are some of the breweries being featured:

Mountain Culture, Boatrocker, Hop Nation, Sauce, Akasha, Ballistic and 19 others!

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  • Full list of breweries here: https://www.beercartel.com.au/blog/2020-advent-calendar-beer...

    I'm also seeing 4% with shopback.

    • Man, I love Hawkers' (from Reservoir, Vic) limited editions. They're world class and usually $14-18 a can. I hope the rest of these brews are to that standard. The Aussie craft beer that makes the GABS Hottest 100 top 10 is miserable.

      • Agree , I had the hawkers 'right on schedule double NEIPA' (8.5%) and the hawkers 'freedom units triple NEIPA' (10.5%) a couple of weeks ago and they are absolute stompers!!!

  • Downside with the calendar, if you find a beer that you really enjoy you can't actually buy it as they are all exclusives.

  • Tl:dr version

    25 cans of different beer. From 1st dec to 25 dec. You reveal what the beer on the day is and drink it.

    If you drink daily
    Get a taste from different brewers
    It has never been easier to taste the future

    If you drink more than 1 can daily or if you don’t drink daily.
    You might not like the present nor the future.

  • delivery $10 for ACT/NSW and $15 everywhere else if I read the website right. So $6.50 a can more or less.

  • I picked this up last year from both Carwyn Cellars and Beer Cartel, this way I had two beers to open.

    A word of warning is if you dont like a particularly popular style of a beer (Hazy, Sours, Etc) I would stay away from this. I ended up having 7-8 Cans of dark beer which I had to give away to my mates.

    But on the positive side, this is a fantastic way to expand your tastes and explore brewries you may missout otherwise.

  • Thanks OP looking forward to this and happy with the $50 off.

  • I loved this last year but only payed $129.99. Does anyone have referral codes or the like to get this down a bit?

  • Has beer snobbery overtaken wine snobbery yet?

    • Go out in the city for a night and you’ll spend this amount of money

      • $150? No, those days are in the past for me.
        Plus that's apples and oranges. You can buy a case from under $30. This is 400% more expensive.

        Beers being more expensive doesn't necessarily make them better.
        One beer I enjoyed for example was the green Storm beer from Aldi. Quite similar to Coopers Pale Ale, but without the homophobia and from memory less than $30 a case. Sadly, it was discontinued.

        • A case under $30? Good luck finding anything decent that isn’t mass produced, full of additives and tastes like water downed urine. There is a reason craft beer costs so much, it uses real ingredients and man/women hours to perfect the recipes. Also new flavours come out all the time from breweries, that’s expensive.

          • @UberIsCool: Mass production is a good thing, not a bad thing. But I guess it's harder to be pretentious about it, so that's a downside.
            Also virtually all German beers you've ever had would have been mass produced and cost less than $20 for a 10L case in Germany. Which additives do they use exactly?

          • @UberIsCool: Sounds like a lot of overpriced craft beer I've had the misfortune to have tasted, much of it drowned in hop bitterness or "flavoured" with "real" ingredients which should never be put anywhere near "beer". Jmo of course. Good friend likes many of the "craft beers" I'd pour down the drain. You left out the 100% markup for craft wank though. There is undoubtedly plenty of decent (if vastly overpriced and over-rated) craft beer around but there's even more almost undrinkable junk disguised as beer under the "craft" label.

            • @Possumbly: There is junk labeled ‘craft’ yes, James squire, fat yak, great northern, etc. I have a mate who never liked craft beer, thought it was too floral or bitter. Now he can’t go back to mainstream after drinking Young Henry’s for awhile.

              I get where you are coming from though, some people would like Doritos over Mission Corn Chips, no name cheesecake over a baked cafe cheesecake, etc. what ever floats your boat.

              But you still have to understand that it costs ALOT more to make craft beer than any mainstream beer. Just ask any brewer. My local had to change their IPA because the hops were too expensive. Now the beer doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as it used too.

              • @UberIsCool:

                I get where you are coming from though, some people would like Doritos over Mission Corn Chips, no name cheesecake over a baked cafe cheesecake, etc. what ever floats your boat.

                Not how I'd interpret the typical craft beer environment. I wasn't talking bout JS,FY etc when I related my experience with craft brews, I was talking about "highly rated" and high cost drinks - most of which I wouldn't buy myself. Not a fan of wank markups. Managed to eventually down a glass of expensive black last night in fact. Hops completely killed the taste - assuming there was any. Mass produced Tooheys Old and even Asahi Black left it for dead.

    • Without doubt.

  • I had the Carwyn one last year and there was some cracking beers in there. Way too many sours for me though (i think there was 8-9 sours).
    Will give this one a shot. Cheers OP

  • This is exclusive craft beer for $6/tin! I wouldn't even be disappointed if I'd had one or 2 before but that shouldn't happen as they're exclusively made for this calendar. I've never bought these before but by the looks of it it'll be pretty good. I'm happy to pay $8-20/tin for single crafties. Strongly considering this.

  • do we get this or the boozebud one?

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283989577349

      I bought this 21 craft beers for $59 .
      A bit better value than this :)

      • I wouldn't call Frothy a craft beer in any language.
        That pack is priced about right at $2.80 a bottle. Very different to what is typically offered in the OP, being priced around $10-$12 a bottle.

        • That is intelligent did you mention the other big name craft beers in the package ?

          Absolutely kicks the a$$ of the value of this one .

          Actually I have a few more Ebay + accounts I think I'll fire again .:)

          • @popsiee: They're the cheapest beers of all the brewers, and some are mid strength. The OP will have an average ABV of 7% I reckon, based on previous years.

            Which is completely fine, but I think both are about the same discount on RRP.

      • Absolute rubbish. I'd avoid all these beers. Op's advent calendar is exclusive. Meaning you can't go to bws or liquorland and pick them up. Comparing your eBay "craft" beer pack to the craft cartel one is just absurd.

  • Thanks, ordered one for my sister for Christmas. I haven't ordered from them before, so signed up for their newsletter and got 10% off - code 'NEWBIE', which essentially made it free shipping.


    • Thanks Miss B. Tried and worked ($15 off) so this cancels out the postage fee ($14.99).

      Also used Cashback app at 4%. Not sure if this will be accepted, considering I’ve already applied the discount code. Looking forward to some Xmas cans!