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[NSW] Free Meal for 2 + Delivery (Min $2.99) @ McDonald's (Sydney Central Plaza) via Uber Eats


Found some pricing errors at McDonald's (Sydney Central Plaza) via Uber Eats.

Meal for 2 for FREE (Normal price $29.95)
- 2 Burgers (Big Mac/Quarter Pounder/McChicken/Cheeseburger/Filet-O-Fish)
- 2 Large Fries/Garden Salad
- 2 Desserts (Regular Sundae/Apple Pie)
- 10 McNuggets
- 4 Monopoly Tickets included

Late Night Bundle for $8.70 (Normal price $35.75)
- 2 Burgers (Big Mac/Quarter Pounder/McChicken/Cheeseburger/Filet-O-Fish)
- 2 Large Fries/Garden Salad
- 2 Large Drinks
- 10 McNuggets
- 2 McFlurries
- 12 Monopoly Tickets included

Don't think you can choose pickup, so you have to pay for delivery (minimum $2.99).


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  • Oooh, will they 'honor' it ?

  • changed my location can confirm it's true, too bad i'm too far away :( Good catch tho OP enjoy your meal

  • +1

    That's cracker.

  • +1

    my area is normal price. oh well.

  • Holy moly it worked. Waiting for delivery now!

    • Just received, the poor McDonald's…aparently there are getting slammed

  • Just got it, thanks OP. They didnt give me my cheeseburger shaker fries though. Oh well. Tipped the delivery guy too.

    • Lucky delivery driver.. Got a tip and some free fries ;)

      • the bag had maccas tape on it so I am confident it wasn't opened :)

    • They didn't give me the nuggets dipping sauce.
      Can't complain though. Glad they honoured it

  • Waiting for my delivery, thanks OP

  • +3

    Delivered, but no sundae/apple pie.

    Edit: found the apple pie, no sundae.

    Edit2: and no sauce/dressing

    • Mine was missing the garden salad. Got everything else.

  • Great

  • -3

    Maccas Staff and Uber are probably loving it. Knowing that it was an error and some are cashing in on it……..can only imagine the things they get up to with your food before delivery. Hahahaha. Enjoy the free extras . Num num :-)

  • Absolute mad deal. Wish im in sydney

  • The current delivery time is 490-500 mins

    • That's what it said on mine too. I got it in an hour.

  • Tempted to order delivery to their own store and then come pick it up ahaha

    • +1

      I've done that before a while ago. And I ended up with the pick up order and a delivery order and only paid for one. They don't do check the numbers, just trust ubereats blindly.

      • Ahahaha that's epic! So you got twice the amount of Maccas you ordered for the same price?

  • The delivery guy told me that the shop has gone crazy. A big queue at the store! They're open until 6:30pm

  • Too far away for delivery, bah!

  • Sold out, damn I missed it.

  • can they charge you the correct price later on when they realise there is a price error?

    • No, they can only honour or cancel the order, as the transaction that was issued was only for the "Agreed" price at the time.

  • Thanks op. Delivered within 30 mins

  • Looks like this is gone!

  • gone. back to 29.95

  • Marked deal as expired.

  • +4

    I wasn't feeling too well 1 hr after eating this…

    • +1

      Probably the extras they added as per my comment earlier. The one with some negs on it :-)

  • +1

    Gotta love how many orders were missing items! Happens all the time for drive thru, so make sure you check your orders!!