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LEGO Architecture Empire State Building 21046 $111.75 Delivered @ David Jones


Some Lego sets 25% off at David Jones including:

Architecture Dubai $59.96 https://www.davidjones.com/Product/23199928/LEGO-Architectur...
Architecture Tokyo $59.96 https://www.davidjones.com/Product/23199927/LEGO-Architectur...

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Hey. I'm new at posting. Please forgive mistakes and suggest edits.

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      Thanks mate, picked up the two architecture buildings and stacked with 8% off gift cards

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    Cool. White House also on sale for same price but not going to buy that because Trump lives there haha


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      You can get it then go all Independence Day on its ass over and over and over again. Should also be able to customise an angry face minifig by colouring it orange too.

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    Thanks for posting OP. I bought a couple things yesterday and since it’s cheaper today I was able to request a partial refund on the difference :)

    • Can you do that?

      • +1

        It worked for me, I went through live chat and quoted my previous orders. Painless process

        • Wow cool I will give it a shot

  • Bought this last week on Big W

    • How was it?

      • Haven't opened the box, but this is my No.1 wanted lego, I only had my first lego last month.

  • Empire State Building is a great set. Buy it.

    • might be boring to build? looks repetitive

      • +3

        Nah, I enjoyed it, and the end result is fantastic. There's some interesting building techniques for the structure, including a lobby with escalators that no one other than the builder will ever see :)

  • Seeing the other DJ post 5 hrs ago .
    I rushed to this theme and quick fingers took the lot :(
    25% off is ok though .

    • +1

      You took the lot as in you bought all the architecture lineup?

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