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[SA] Free - $100 CBD Accommodation Vouchers ($50 for Regional/Suburban SA) @ SA Tourism Commission


Next cab of the rank after Tassie and WA. There will be at least 40,000 vouchers available (if everyone claims a $100 CBD voucher).

Travel vouchers worth up to $100 will be offered to South Australians to use towards accommodation across the state, as part of a significant tourism stimulus package to further boost the visitor economy and local jobs.

The South Australian Tourism Commission’s $4 million voucher scheme – available from 15 October – will provide $100 vouchers for use at participating CBD hotels, and $50 vouchers to spend in regional and suburban accommodation.

From Q&A -

  • The offer is valid for travel between 15 October to 11 December 2020 inclusive (excluding Saturday nights).
  • Consumers will be able to access 1 x $100 for CBD, 1 x $50 for Adelaide suburb/region per person
  • The Great State Voucher is open to all South Australian residents over the age of 18. To obtain their Great State Voucher, consumers will need to enter their SA driver’s licence. This will be automatically verified in the back end.
  • Any package you create must have a total value of at least $1 more than the discounted amount. For example, a city provider with a room night charge of $99 must have a deal of at least two nights for $198. The discount of $100 can then be applied, and the consumer then pays $98 for two nights, and you claim your $100 rebate from the SATC. The offer will not apply in any circumstance where the offer is less than the value of the rebate.

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  • Ayyy! I called it! Thanks OP

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    • Just be aware that this Ad is directed to accommodation providers only at this stage - us Ozbargainers here in S.A. cannot access the voucher offer until 15/10/2020.
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      A significant number of us are glad that the borders remained shut, our kids are at school and restrictions are light compared to Victoria. The Walkers Arms Hotel and Thebarton Senior College Incidents show how it could easily have gone the other way.

      Have a discussion a healthcare worker and ask their thoughts.

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    1 x $100 for CBD, 1 x $50 for Adelaide suburb/region per person

    Should exchange the amount or at lest same.

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      Yeah, I agree. In fact I would have thought it would be better to give the regional areas a better deal than the city.

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    Most of SA presumably lives in Adelaide. Why do they need CBD accomodation?

    • This will hopefully get those people out of the city and into regional areas

    • hookers

    • We don't really, but for those living regionally it's a good deal.

  • Might be visiting SA from NSW next month for the first time. My heart skipped a beat seeing this post - would have taken it up faster than an Ebay Plus promotion!

    • Yeah it’s kind of weird now borders are open that the scheme doesn’t encourage visitors from interstate as well as SA residents.

      • Agreed - I was hoping to spend around a week in the state and I will definitely be doing my share to give the economy a boost.

    • Mayfair (one of the top Adelaide oens) is heavily promoting cheap prices at the moment, even on radio stations like fresh. Believe will beat all online prices.

    • Do you have a SA license?

  • Regional/Surbaban


    Btw thanks OP, been waiting on this.

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      Corrected, thanks.

  • This is in 3 weeks? Hopefully I remember

    How do we register?

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    "To obtain their Great State Voucher, consumers will need to enter their SA driver’s licence. This will be automatically verified in the back end."

    That seems a bit rough. I wonder if they deliberately excluded non licence holders, or just don't give a $hit.

    • So out of state people can’t use it, it’s for south Australian tourists?

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        Yes, but not every South Australian has a driving licence.

        • You could try a proof of age card. It's hit and miss if it'll work. For some things it does, for others like Telstra's ID check it doesn't.

    • With the net closing on non-debit card holders (eg. Campgrounds booked by online payment only) and presumably upcoming restrictions for those declining a Bill Gates injection, this seems fairly tame in its discrimination by comparison.

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        Have you always had difficulty thinking for yourself?

  • Thanks for posting.

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    Come and touch our balls.

    • and ride the pigs

    • is someone standing by with sanitiser?

  • Free money biatches!

  • I am still waiitng for my voucher in WA and it has been 4 days since registration! Been an administration nightmare with 10,000 good luck with 40,000!

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    Pivotal to note that the Northern Territory was THE first jurisdiction to implement such vouchers, $200 and it was on tours, accommodation and packaged experiences. There is also a Round 2 and 3 coming in November and February respectively.

    There is also a campaign encouraging Southerners to visit the NT, offering $200 off every $1,000 spent up to $5,000.

  • How to register?????????????????????

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      1. Click the Reminder link under the deal
      2. Wait
      3. Profit
  • How do they know if I’m from South Australia?

    • SA license required for redemption.

  • Use this voucher and you can stay at the Hilton Adelaide for $55 a night. They are promoting the $100 travel voucher at the moment

  • 9.02, let's gooooooo already!

    • Haha- Thinking the same thing!!

    • HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

      Broken already..

  • Service Unavailable
    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

    • +1

      Live and working now. Registered for one of each.

      • Yep got both! Looking forward to a mid-week getaway now…

        • So I can apply for both?

  • Was all set up with my laptop and tablets just in case, but after initial site crashing I picked up one of each easily on my phone.

  • Wooo hooo just got one for me and hubby.

  • Anyone not getting the email?

    Signed up for myself (got email with verification link but not the voucher in email)
    Signed up for Mrs and no emails at all.

    • Have u got yours? I’ve registered for my grandma and aunt but no email either?

      • I got $50 regional voucher at 9:07.

        Nothing for CBD, nothing for MRS.

        I did (@ 9:36) just get the voucher emailed so maybe just a massive backlog. Hopefully they all come through!

    • signed up for CBD - got email
      signed up for regions - no email

      • Same. But my gran n aunt for City got no emails either. Think they are experiencing a crash. Can’t ring thru on provided number either

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    Got my vouchers. No way to use it to book online with Mayfair, so I called them up. Waited 20 mins, and then a cheerful but apologetic lady answered and told me the SATC system is down so they are taking details and calling people back when it's available.

    • Any response to this, can we book online or do we need to call?

      • "SATC system is down"…. please wait….. jacks the prices.

      • Nah, no update yet.

  • Sold out within 90 minutes

    • I don't feel so bad for forgetting about the promotion now.

  • -2

    The "Excluding Saturday Nights" clause here pretty much ruins it, to be honest (not to sound ungrateful)

  • I have a feeling this will be known as the great accommodation voucher bungle. We have been trying to book and none of the prices qouted on the SA tourism website match the prices on the websites of the hotels. Rooms say they're available and when putting in voucher code they disappear. I tried calling one hotel and the message bank said it was full and no more messages could be left! Oh dear…

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    We managed to get 4 vouchers (two in my name, two in husband's name) and have had no problems making bookings with three of the vouchers so far. Just working out dates for the final voucher. Have booked for two nights with family + our two dogs at Lake Bonney. Particularly looking forward to a night with just husband at Grosvenor Hotel in the CBD with parking, hot breakfast, early check-in and late check-out included, for the grand sum of $29. Love this initiative of the State Gov - its got us out and about in a way we wouldn't have considered otherwise.

    • Wow, so you took 4 vouchers and 3 families miss out on this because your greed.