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G.skill Ripjaws V (1x16gb) 3200MHz DDR4 $79, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING OC 6GB RGB LED $329 + Del @ Shopping Expres

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  • Seriously, how much lower can ram go, my goodness

    • Getting lower and lower but who runs just 1 stick of ram, only a madman!
      Dual channel at least for anything but word processing, gotta have quick response for those 50+ Chrome tabs after all /s
      So really $158 +postage

      • Maximum Order Quantity: 1

      • You joke, but 50+ tabs happens before you even know it. And it really is nice to leave them all open, especially when a lot of them are running web apps that you need to keep flipping between, or you're uploading a huge video in another, you have resource intensive webpage visual editors open in 12 different tabs, and it all runs great. People who say you don't need that much ram, what do y'all just do things one at a time, close your game before you open up your work pages? What kind of way is that to live. Look at the desk of any truly brilliant person and it will be a mess, piled up papers, documents, coffee cups. The best way to do things is to do it all at the same time.

      • Chrome has issues. I'm here now with only 22 tabs open and it is using 3.5 GB of RAM. They really need to fix this browser.

    • Crazy to think that I paid $99 for 16 gigs (4x4) all the way back in 2012 - good to see prices finally dipping below this consistently.

    • Its as cheap as chips 😁

    • Hope I can upgrade from 32GB to 64GB soon. When you never run out of ram you don't even notice, which feels great. It's like leaving your room messy but still being able to find anything you want instantly.

  • Would putting 2 of these RAM sticks in allow for dual channel or do you need to buy dual channel RAM?

  • Considering upcoming GPU's surely the 1660 Super has got be a sub $250 card brand new

  • it shows $85 for me. Any discount code?
    maximum quantity 2