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Inkbird Sub-Brand Heating Pad for Home Brewing Seedling Reptile Puppy Fish $23 Delivered (Was A$32.99) @ eBay Inkbird



EASY TO USE - 12" inch size fits under almost any size Crock, Carboy or Bucket Fermentor
NATURAL HEAT - Bottom radiant heating mimics natures normal process in organic fermenting
NO WRAP - No Wrapping, No Tape or Belts. Simply place under your Fermentor and plug in!
TEMPERATURE REGULATION - Built in thermal control shuts off heater preventing overheating

Uniform Heat: The radiate far-infrared heating pad provides gentle and warm heats
for the fermentation, it can be heated up to 122℉/50℃ and raises the temperature
of 37.4℉-50℉/3℃-11℃ above the ambient temperature.

High Quality & Safety : The heating pad has a high quality waterproof PVC and
thermostat, it will shut off automatically if the temperature of the pads surface is over
122℉/50℃. There inforced connection and the internal fire resistant cotton sheet
make the heating pad more durable.

Waterproof & EasyCleaning: The heating pad is rated to IP64 waterproof, proofed
againsts splashes, showers and sprays. It is easy to clean the heating pad
by rinsing and wiping.

12 Months Warranty: We will provide 1 year warranty and lifetime consultation
service, please feel free to contact us anytime!


Brand:Lerway(inkbird sub-brand)
The Maximum Temperature of the HeatingPad:122℉/50℃
Warranty:12 months

Package Contents
Heating Pad*1

To achieve the best result and maintain the temperature accurately. It is recommended to use a temperature controller with the heating mat.
link for inkbird plug and play wifi temp. controller 308 :

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  • great for the mother-in-law.

  • any discounts on the temp controllers? wifi version?

  • I dunno who you are, but if you're Home Brewing a Seedling to grow a Reptile Puppy Fish, you're probably the cause of the apocalypse.

  • Hmmm - interesting - I wonder if I could use this to help prove my bread dough before baking? Anyone have any experience with this?

    • Don't know about this but I've used a light bulb in the past (for bread and beer) and that worked great.

    • That's what its for

    • I do exactly this. It's mainly used for my kombucha but I sometimes share it with my bread proof

    • I got the larger mat version for the purpose of proofing bread! Along with their temp controller and a collapsible cooler chest from big w. In theory, that should work.

  • Most heater pads are usually but they are designed to work at 24 to 25 degrees at ambient temp. Do not turn on for the 1st 24 hours as you risk killing the yeast, especially the crappy homebrand ones from colesworth/coopers (same factory).
    Especially vital with alcotech, willards, still spirits yeasts where the activity is aggressive and they generate heat.
    Use in conjunction with a timer or temp controller.

    • It has some weird temperature sensitive sticker thing you are supposed to put on things.

      But far better off with a WiFi/Bluetooth temperature probe (I use mine for kefir/kombucha in winter)

    • If you are making beer at 25 degrees, you are gonna have some funky beer. Try 18 degrees.


      Yeah,if you want to control certain temp range you want,i'm afraid you need a temp controller as well.

  • Hi rep, how does this work with the temp controller? I just bought the 308 to control a fridge for fermenting. Wondering if there's a way to combine the two so that it will heat when necessary and cool when necessary?

    • Plug your fridge into the controller 'cooling' outlet and the heat mat into the 'heating' outlet.


      This heating mat works as a heater,so that it could start to heat when necessary if you plug it to heating outlet of ITC-308,your fridge could works as cooler to cool when necessary if you plug it to cooling outlet of ITC-308.

  • I use WiFi routers for seeds and dough. Add a towel above the container to keep warm in winter and works great. My favourite is Apple Time Capsule 4th gen. AP, Mini NAS and heating pad all-in-one.

  • Can it double up as fart cushion?