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$100 Cash When Switching Electricity & Gas Providers through Billcrunch


Hi All,

Long time OzBargainer, first-time poster. Compare and Switch providers using the code OZBGN (https://go.billcrunch.com.au/r/ozbgn) and get $100 for dual fuel, or $50 for either Gas or Electricity. Valid until Sunday 27th September

Fully digital service with no call centres, just an easy compare and switch service.

We don't have all the providers yet (we are working on it !) but currently at 14 and have most of the better rated retailers here.
You can do a quick scan at https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/ also to make sure you're going to be in the ballpark with our provider list.

Few benefits of Billcrunch
* Do it once, and it's done forever. We'll let you know if there is a better plan available in the future so you don't need to do the shopping around again.
* Once you've switched via that link, you'll get a personal referal code that you can refer others. Refer your family and friends and earn up to $50 (dual fuel) or $30 (single fuel) for every person who switches under your unique code. Refer your parents siblings neighbours etc and earn a few extra bucks :)
* You'll be able to cash out your rewards directly to your bank account, bit like using CashRewards.

Couple of notes
* You'll need to be with the service for at least 31 days to complete the reward claim. (Just to make sure people are not gaming the system).
* You'll need to use this link to switch https://go.billcrunch.com.au/r/ozbgn to get the $100 reward amount.

Update: Back again 2/10

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  • First time or third time?

  • Can I switch back once getting the bonus?

    • +1 vote

      Nothing stopping you ! Just make sure the plans that you switch to are not contracted plans

  • When does this offer expire?

  • What a coincidence, just got email from my electricity provider that my tariffs will go up soon…

  • Been wanted to switch for a while now. This stopped me from procrastinating. Thanks. Nowhere to enter code. Just sign up via link above.

  • Just two quick questions.

    1) If I do change providers, will there be any service disruptions, or it will be seamless?

    2) I am planning to get a solar system installed, do I click on yes when asked if I have solar system installed?


      Great questions Sh4hp!
      1- No disruptions - completely seamless (you don't even need to contact your old provider, we will handle that for you).
      2- If your planning on getting them soon, then select 'Yes' on that. The solar filter will give you plans that offer 'Feed in Tarrifs' (Meaning when your not using the the energy, the retailers will give you a credit).


      Legend - thanks Bobzor

      • Haven't seen Ovo before.

        OVO Energy pay 3% interest on credit balances

        Looks like a savings account…

        • Compare.energy.vic is useless and wasting time. The rates are outdated.

          wattever.com.au is more accurate.

          I dont have solar. I manually compared about 15 providers and came up the cheapest is OVO. Sign up via cashrewards for cashback.

          But but… not all houses are eligible at OVO. OVO runs a credit check on addresses. I tried on few neighbours, one third of them failed to pass check.

          OVO doesn't have online account yet.

  • I compared electricity in Billcrunch against my own manual comparison table. Billcrunch and I agreed that Tango and OVO were the cheapest with $1 difference in my area.

    OVO accepts credit cards including AMEX without charging fees. I already signed up with OVO few weeks ago via cashrewards.com.au.

  • I did a comparison and Tango came up second @$122, thing is I already use them and my bill was actually $102.03, so it seems that I am already getting a better deal than what billcrunch can offer?


      Hi Manwithtwobrains,
      The costs are estimated - so you can double check the rate card to see if it was indeed more expensive (under 'Details')

  • Buggar. Wish Click Energy was on this list of retailers. With my usage rates on TOU and solar panels, they are a fair way ahead of the competition at the moment…

  • Dam expired I will wait til it comes back