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$100 Cash When Switching Electricity & Gas Providers through Billcrunch


Hi All,

We are back for a Footy Grand Final Weekend Bonus! Compare and Switch providers using the code FOOTYFEVER (https://go.billcrunch.com.au/r/footyfever) and get $100 for dual fuel, or $50 for either Gas or Electricity. Valid until Sunday 25th October.

Fully digital service with no call centres, just an easy compare and switch service.

Had some feedback from the last campaign we ran where users wanted to add Direct Debit details into the system directly, so we've added that.

We don't have all the providers yet (we are working on it !) but currently at 15 and have most of the better rated retailers here.
You can do a quick scan at https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/ also to make sure you're going to be in the ballpark with our provider list.

Few benefits of Billcrunch
* Do it once, and it's done forever. We'll let you know if there is a better plan available in the future so you don't need to do the shopping around again.
* Once you've switched via that link, you'll get a personal referral code that you can refer others. Refer your family and friends and earn up to $50 (dual fuel) or $30 (single fuel) for every person who switches under your unique code. Refer your parents siblings neighbours etc and earn a few extra bucks :)
* You'll be able to cash out your rewards directly to your bank account, bit like using CashRewards.

Couple of notes
* You'll need to be with the service for at least 31 days to complete the reward claim. (Just to make sure people are not gaming the system).
* You'll need to use this link to switch https://go.billcrunch.com.au/r/footyfever to get the $100 reward amount.

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