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Win a 5-Piece Shaving Set from Yaqi Australia Worth $155



Closing Date 30/09/2020
Draw Date 30/09/2020


Description 5 Piece Shaving Set - Razor, Brush, Bowl, Stand, Cream
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $155.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Email
Prerequisites Email Subscription

Event will be closed & winner will be drawn on 30th SEPTEMBER 2020.
The winner will be notified on the email used to subscribe.
If no reply is received from the winner, by email, within 7 days of the notification, then a new winner will be drawn.
There will be only one winner and no further correspondence will be entered into.
The prize will be dispatched within 30 days of the announcement.

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    • Listing 3 out of 5 items is a great way to have less than $155 value. You missed the bowl and also the Roar branded shave cream which is made by an Australian artisan and is not Yaqi branded. Plus the razor you listed is different. The one in the giveaway appears to be the Mellon head with the FS lightweight handle, which is more expensive. Maybe double check before you make dickish comments. Plus AliExpress adds GST when you check-out.

      Plus, 30+ day free shipping from China with no warranty/customer support or local stock, warranty and support with tracked shipping via AusPost that's free over $45.

      You do realise this is a competition yeah? Not a deal post.

  • Woah, just like the koala in your profile pic, calm down. A simple "the razor you showed is the wrong one, the correct one is a mellon head that is more expensive and your missing the bowl and shaving cream" would have sufficed. As Toristo stated, for those interested in purchasing one or more of the items, they are also available on AliExpress. Obviously, as buyers we would have to weigh a purchase at AliExpress with the risk of counterfeit products, damage during shipping, long delivery times and GST added at the checkout, but it is an option for the most frugal amongst us OzBargainers which are not in a hurry.

    Indeed there are some that may prefer to support an Australian business and if they purchase enough items they would also get free delivery. I for one appreciate Toristo's post, I've always been interested in making the leap from disposable shaving razor heads, and he has shown an option I could consider.

    The competition prize value does seem to be correctly priced based on the Australian store's current selling price, unlike others which list their competition prizes as being the original RRP, which is also three times what they currently sell the same items at. Having the competition prize dissected is fine in my opinion, because there's only one prize and many of us that may be interested in it. Isn't that one of the purposes of their competitions? For marketing purposes? If it is for more people to check their products at their store and generate brand awareness then they have at least succeeded with me, having checked out their items and making a mental note to check again when I do finally decide to make a purchase.

    So thanks to the both of you for your posts but let's keep it civil.

    • Agreed, apologies for cracking it. It's just frustrating when members comment deals, especially with incorrect information, on a competition, where you can literally win it at no cost. If it was a deal post, then by all means, post a cheaper price where applicable, but it's not cool to do so on competition in that way.