[XB1, SUBS] Doom Eternal Coming to Xbox Game Pass on 1st October (Console Only) (PC Later in 2020)


The Slayer is Coming

Doom Eternal has been called one of the best first-person shooters ever. If you haven’t already experienced its unique brand of fast-paced, push-forward, first-person combat, now’s the time to blast your way into id Software’s critically acclaimed game coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1 and Xbox Game Pass for PC later in 2020.

A free next-gen upgrade for Xbox Series X is coming. However a date hasn’t been announced https://bethesda.net/en/article/3cP83OCJszhZnUes1gxwL8/bethe...

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  • Unrelated but cool, you can now preload any game data onto your Xbox from the Android Xbox Beta app. Weather you own the game or not, you can tell the app to download the latest version and install it, the second you buy it digital or insert the disk, it's ready to play!

    • Whether.

    • I'll be appreciating that once Cyberpunk 2077 is finally available.

      No more inserting the disk only to find there's an 80GB download.

      • For sure. The worst is the new Modern Warfare, that thing is like 200gb it’s a joke. I’d need to start downloading a week before it came out…

      • Oh man it has become tradition to insert a disk and play the lottery to see what the wait time will be 😁 But this new feature is absolutely awesome, being able to just download the data is such a neat idea, I'm amazed it took them this long to implement. I remember when this gen was new I wondered why you needed to have the disk or a launch a title to see if there was an update, thankfully they added in the ability for the system to see if there is an update without the game being launched.

        Slowly we are getting some awesome stuff. This gen is so exciting. Both systems will do well.

    • no cloud gaming yet in Australia though


  • For hardcore gamer yes it's good. For casual gamer be prepared to die !! It's a good game by damn its hard. On normal difficulties the game is insane.. I gave up after a few hours of play.

    • I wouldn't consider myself a hard core gamer and I finished it on Nightmare.

      • I would argue that it’s easier than its predecessor. Finished it on normal mode without any issues. They even chuck you some extra armour if you die a few times.

        • You’re not doing great if you get offered the armour, so if you’re seeing that the games certainly not easy for the individual and the armours the queue that you look like you need help.

          • @Smigit: It popped up for the final boss, there’s a spike in difficulty there in my opinion. Aside from that the campaign’s difficulty is quite fair.

            • @bushywookiee: Fair enough. I wouldn’t say it’s a sign the games easy, but that shield mechanic and the fact you can change difficulty at any time means that less experienced people will still probably have a way to get through it.

      • Oh Wow.
        If you're not a hardcore gamer and you finished this game in Nightmare mode. Then what would a hardcore gamer be able to do??

        Maybe I am just old and can't play fast-paced games anymore.

        • Weapon selection is everything in Doom Eternal I've found. You can't just rely on reflexes (although they're also super important, particularly movement).

          You need to engage every enemy type in a different way in the arena areas if you want to survive, especially later in the game.

          • @kapone: That's true. You have to play the game as it is designed. If you try and play this as a cover shooter you are going to have a very bad time. I finished it on Hard and only really got frustrated with the last 2 bosses, though not because it was unfair, just really hard. I played on PC though, which probably made it easier. Keyboard and mouse are better suited to the very high speed of the gameplay.
            It is a great game though.

      • Agreed, it isnt too bad at all until the final sections where it is legit chaos, but, by then you should be a Demon stomping madman

        • Hardest level in the game is towards the beginning.. Cultist Base. That's before you start getting your upgrades, and the game throws a tonne of nasties at you. That cue-ball room, ughh..

    • I'm with you. I found the Doom reboot especially difficult (on the normal/middle difficulty). I got 50-60% through and fell off because it was becoming too much of a slog. I should relent and reduce the difficulty to experience the end-game.

      But I think it's subjective to the person, and in particular the propensity of how each person tends to play. I'm a very defensive, back-to-the-wall, one enemy at a time, conservative player. That's probably the worst approach to Doom. If you're jumping around the map, bouncing from glory kill to glory kill, you should do a lot better. Perpetual motion is best for Doom.

      • Doom 2016 gets a bit fatiguey in the last 1/3rd. But I actually enjoyed it a lot more than Eternal; I thoroughly enjoyed the pure twitch-reflex shooting rather than having to think about weapon-switching.

  • game pass going to be 11/mth :(

  • Thank you for this good news….I have been looking to buy the Xbox version for a while but to be honest I was too stingy to pay for the game until it came down in price. Glad I waited now!

  • Does anyone know if there's a way to get an annual Game Pass subscription? Wouldn't mind locking in a year or so… just in case.

  • Interesting move. Console first then PC.
    Maybe they will be doing this more, perhaps with Elder Scrolls 6

    • I think it makes sense and suspect it will be the norm going forward. They want to entice people to buy their console after all.

      • In this case, not so much - Doom Eternal has no Windows Store version, so they have to actually port it to WinStore before they can release it on GamePass for PC. It's only on Bethesda.net and Steam currently for PC.

  • So happy I stacked previous Game Pass deals and got about a year's worth of access for around $40 - this announcement more than makes up for my initial investment!

  • Dammit bought this game two weeks ago on XBL !

    • Another reason why I will never buy a digital game on Xbox unless it's super cheap. If it were physical, you could still sell it at least.

  • Can't wait till this comes to PC. Doom 2016 was so good…!

  • I believe this means there should also be a 10% discount for subscribers for the DLC which launches late Oct. Maybe they’ll include it in GamePass too, but if not at least there’s a discount that should be available. Shame for those that purchased the season pass earlier on given nothings shipped yet.

  • Knew it was coming, glad it's sooner than later.

    Have the disc copy on PS4 but didn't get far into it on account of selling my PS4 not too far back. My discless Xbox One is very thankful for this news.

  • Sweet. Just sold my copy for $40 before the surge hits

  • Omg did anyone expect this.

    Anyways why is sega ripping iconic stuff from Tokyo? If anyone's visited there it's getting removed…

    Is this Microsofts doing?

  • Hi guys, I can only play multiplayer on gamepass. Why advertise doom eternal when single player campaign is blocked…

  • Played 1 or 2 levels of the first one, haven't touched it since.

    • Doom (1993) or Doom 2016? I could understand giving up on a game from 1993 so quickly but you're missing out big time if you gave up on Doom 2016 after 2 levels; easily the one of the best FPSs of the decade along with Eternal.

      • Used to play wolfenstein, doom, quake back in the day - can’t recall if I finished them like I did duke nukem. Just didn’t get into the 2016 variant. I’m not beyond given it a good crack, maybe pick it up another day. The amount of content these days just makes it difficult, so many games.

        • Used to play wolfenstein, doom, quake back in the day - can’t recall if I finished them like I did duke nukem.

          Those classics don't really have much bearing on whether you'll enjoy the modern Doom games.

          There are a lot of nostaglic easter eggs referencing the originals and homages to the original Doom trilogy in the modern iterations for sure but the meat of the gameplay in Doom 2016/Doom Eternal doesn't really resemble the original shareware Doom other than the fact that compared to 90% of modern warfare FPSs, both games are much, much faster-paced.

          Just didn’t get into the 2016 variant. I’m not beyond given it a good crack, maybe pick it up another day.

          If these videos don't inspire you to give Doom 2016 or Eternal a try, I will eat my shoes:

          When you're coming off any other slower-paced, cinematic/milsim FPS the gameplay in Doom 2016/Eternal seems rather daunting but it's extremely satisfying when you master it and become the God-like protagonist the game makes you out to be.

          It basically spawned this entire wave of retro-themed FPSs like Dusk, Amid Evil, Ion Fury, Ultrakill and WRATH: Aeon of Ruin and they're all excellent games in their own right, but they really owe their entire concept to the Brutal Doom mod for the original game and Doom 2016.

          The amount of content these days just makes it difficult, so many games.

          Yeah but let's face it, when it comes to the FPS genre, 75% of that "content" is the same modern military shooter game being re-released over and over again.

          Doom 2016/Eternal and the above games I mentioned are an unbelievably different and exhilarating experience and until very recently, you had to stick to old classics like Quake, Unreal Tournament or Duke Nukem to experience that over-the-top adrenaline rush that was lacking in most other shooters.

  • Every game seems to be designed with a specific difficulty in mind for the best experience. I found this game was best played on "Ultra Violence". And now I can look forward to replaying it on "Nightmare". If you finish every game on the ultra hard difficulty straight away you might miss some stuff or not want to replay it.

    • Why? Hold on is doom eternal and doom 2016 harder then rage 2 ultra nightmare because the boss at the end of that games not beatable unless you cheat.

  • This game pass is getting out of hand, I want vr games on game pass too ahhh. I can't even finish ff9 it's so long…

    So many games now it's getting crazy, I haven't even started on no man's sky yet it's a new game now.

    Soon EA games, it's getting crazy.