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LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 $379 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Back in stock, though not as cheap as its been in the past couple of weeks. Hurry, will sell out fast anyway.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • It’s good to see amazon limits 1 per account.

  • 5 left.

  • I see 6 but they can play games with numbers .

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  • My set from target arrived and the packer decided to place the box against one side, rather than in the middle, and filled the other side with a shit-ton of airbags (shipped in a v large Lego box that obviously held 2 units of this set).

    With Murphy's law on full display, the side that had no airbags copped a dent during shipping and now the front of my set has a 10cm long L-shaped tear.

    Which could have been avoided if the packer at Target Truganina was a little conscientious and put the box in the middle, air bags on either side. Not too much of an ask for a $500 set I wouldn't think.

    • Would be a different story when you purchase it from Amazon.

      I had same experience with Toy r us EBAY when i ordered the Cargo train, received a dented box inside the big box and due to it size and covid 19 in VIC the return was pain in 4ss

    • Not as bad as this.

      Courtesy of Kmart.

    • Did you return it?

      • What sucks is, though you can return these products, you generally can't exchange for the same product when they were ozbargain'd to begin with.

        I'm going to use C&C wherever possible for larger lego sets from now on.

        Let's hope Hogwart's Castle arrives intact…

      • Not yet since the stores are closed in Melbourne and Kmart won't cover return postage.

    • mine arrived with the same. bubbles on one side in the original lego box. Luckily the content arrives in mint condition.

  • This is back in stock.