Audio Technica Cardioid Dynamic USB/Xlr Microphone AT2005USB $58.80 @ Officeworks Instore Auburn


Audio-Technica’s AT2005USB is an all-purpose microphone designed to take you from the stage to the studio and beyond. Equipped with both a USB and XLR output, it’s the most versatile and affordable microphone in the range.

Not sure if available online, I couldn't find anything cheaper than this atleast as It is a clearance price.

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    Not listed online. Was this a clearance price or normal price and how many units were on the shelf?

  • I have a Audio Technica AT2050 as my studio mic and it's been great. It isnt USB so I need a mixer before my pc. I'm tempted to get this to replace it, although I'm happy with what I have. It's a great price though…

    • would be a pretty major downgrade from your LDC mic to a cheap dynamic.
      Maybe consider an audio interface? for this sort of money you cold get a cheap behringer umc22, or maybe a used focusrite 2i2

  • I can't even get them on the phone to confirm stock, my mum needs a mic for her work streams.

    EDIT: Oh, it says instore shopping is X for my area.

  • Would you recommend this to be used for gaming (not streaming) along with a decent headset? Or would it just pickup the keyboard clicks too much (using the standard tripod on the desk)?

    • Cardoid mics tend to be quite soft and have a narrow pickup range.

      Good in terms of pickup dynamics, not so great in terms of volume (gain will have to be turned up quite high)

      Also need to account for audio processing on applications like discord, which tend to pick up all noise when you're not talking because it cant figure out whether you're talking or typing.

      • You can manually set the threshold in the application for these scenarios.

      • virtually none of what you said is corect.
        Cardiod pickup is what you would want (if not supercardiod or hypercardiod) because it will pick up your voice and not the keyboard etc. Ideally you want a mic that isnt too sensitive (like a dynamic) again so you avoid background noise, but this has no relation to the pickup pattern. Condensers commonly have higher sensitivity and a looser pickup pattern (is that what you meant) and arent suited to game straming, but this is a dynamic mic not a condenser.

        As far as suitability - i dont know what the mic sounds like but in general its the sort of mic that seems ideal.

  • 44.10 at Vic Park Perth. 4 more in stock

  • Not appearing when they search in their system in VIC

  • just called and no more available in store in WA.

  • Anyone seen SA stock?