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Wacom One Creative Pen Display (DTC133W0C) $584.10 Delivered @ Wacom


wacom is doing %10 plus free shipping on their store.

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  • Just wondering, can we do the same using a iPad pro and Apple Pencil? Assuming on a Mac of course.

  • Amazon has it cheaper $565.47:


    Please look at other alternatives that perform as good (even better screens and build quality) and at cheaper prices:
    XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDmFzYZclyk
    Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoWmZ2pQ05Q

    The above links are larger displays, but there are smaller/larger alternatives you can buy also.

    FYI, I own an XP-Pen product and I can't fault it.

    I suggest buying through either Amazon or Banggood for good deals, and also check out their respective facebook/reddit pages, massive followings.

    • +1 — I've got an older Cintiq 13HD and I have serious buyers remorse for some of the newer Huions…

  • Graphic artist here, just chiming in since the Wacom One left a lot to be desired at this price point compared to other manufacturers:

    • 4K resolution pressure sensitivity on this pen, down from the to-be standard of 8K: Drawback is less options for setting maximum pressure; useful if you don't want to wear out the surface of the tablet trying to make thick/hard lines.
    • 1080p display with decent view angles, slightly larger than the entry flagship Cintiq 13HD from years back, but smaller than the Cintiq Pro 16 that came out recently.
    • Proprietary cable on all Wacom display tablets, replacements can be annoying to source at times if you need them quick.
    • Lack of screen buttons, you will need a keyboard alongside this to work efficiently.
    • Android/iOs support on this tablet, nice feature to have but other manufacturers like Huion have been doing this for a while longer.
    • Colour accuracy on the One isn't going to be as great as the prosumer variants with an overall lower gamut.