Sony Android TV X9000 Series Not Working with Stan and Disney+

Anyone is experiencing this issue where the Sony build in Android TV OS does could not run Disney+ and Stan app?
I bought the series X9000 55" smart TV last year and I can't get the build in disney and Stan app to work. Every time I tried to run these app, it tells me they are not supported or not available in Australia.
It's annoying that Sony does not address this issue and no patch update to fix these app. This error has been there since day 1. Get disappointed with Sony support.

Just wondering if anyone is having the same issue and how to solve it.
Not very practical to switch to another Android TV as I only bought it last year.

On the other hand the Amazon prime TV app works perfectly. So I am unsure if this is the app issue or the Sony OS issue.


  • Are you running the latest 6.6555 firmware?

    Tried removing the apps from the TV, cold-boot the TV, and re-downloading from the app store?

    Also try setting your TV's DNS to Google as per Stan's suggestion:

    Google’s DNS IP addresses are as follows:
    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS

    • Thanks for the suggestions and I'll give it a try now.

    • How do you check firmware version? I can only see
      version = 8.0.0.
      Android security patch level = 1 May 2019
      kernel version = 3.10.79
      Build = 665201 release keys
      Devince name = KD-55X9000F

    • Just checked and the firmware is 6.6200. I am downloading the latest firmware on usb now.
      Another question - how do I cold boot the TV?

      • Hold the on/off button on the remote long enough for the Android OS to shut down.

        Unplug from wall for a few seconds, before powering back up.

        Suggest doing so, before attempting the update to ensure a clean system.

        • Thanks xuqi.
          I finally figured out the root cause. My gmail account is associated with Youtube premium account which is located in India. Therefore a lot of apps are not allowed in the google play store.
          i used another google account and now everything works.
          Took me awhile to figure this one out!

          • @arctan: You can remove the address in India after subscribing. The pricing will still be the same. Had this happen to my Google Play store which prevented me from downloading the Australian Covid App and other Australian apps.

            • @No Username: Hey No Username,

              would you have a step by step instruction on changing location for the family subscription?

              Our main account holder is getting the below issue -

              Found it in settings under payment centre but I can't delete it - it'll force me to create a new payment profile and it'll change the pricing.

              India (IN)
              You need to create a new payments profile when you move to a new country or region.

            • @No Username: Hey mate, would you mind sending me the details too as I am in the same boat as OP and cannot install Disney+ on my new 85” X9000h tv I bought 2 days ago?

              • @Swisshardy: You might need to log in with a new google account on your Sony TV.
                After you use the new google account log in, add your existing google account as a secondary account. So when you use youtube you can select your premium youtube account to log in. This is the only way to get around it without editing the payment profile.
                That is what I did as it's a bit of hassle to change family account location.

              • @Swisshardy: The DNS issue was what got me with my new X9000H (55") and Disney - I activated the guest wifi band on my router, connected the tv to that and everything worked. (Telstra NBN)

  • I have an older TV than yours (Z9D) and that installs and works fine with those apps. It's something to do with your TV.

  • X95 here and zero issues (with the software at least, the TV is shit 2/10 would not buy again)

    • +1. i recently had to return mine due to a HW fault. issue has been ongoing for around 5-6 months. Had to lodge a complaint with the ACCC. Still unresolved. Sony support has been the worst. Would never buy a sony again.

      • It was basically reviewed everywhere as the best LED you could buy; I'm personally not at all a fan of Sony but it seemed to review well.

        At this point I can only assume Sony bribed every reviewer…?

        • F knows. I would assume so. Either way it could be the best tv known to man and I still wouldn’t want to deal with Sony support. Hands down awful.

    • hi i'm looking to get 75" X9000
      why would you rate this so bad?
      what you think of LG nano91

      • I have this TV for around 3 weeks and it’s just amazing. Also I had emailed Sony Support about a query and they were very good to deal with. I would highly recommend this TV