Help Me Decide. 2019 iMac MRR02X/A or 2020 iMac MXWT2X/A

I am planning to buy imac 27 inch

Getting 2019 iMac - 3.1ghz i5 8th gen/ 1tb fusion drive for $2499

Or 2020 iMac 3.1Ghz i5 10th gen/ 256gb ssd for $2518

I am leaning towards 2019 model due to more storage.

I am regular user doing some coding/docker stuff. No gaming.

Can you guys suggest what would you choose?


Thanks everyone. I think the verdict is clear. I will go for 2020 Version and add external ssd/hard drive when needed.


  • 2020 iMac
    2 gens ahead, more future proof.
    You can use portable external drives, NAS, or cloud to make up the storage difference.
    There is no portable CPU. Can't even upgrade the internal CPU without wrecking your brains out.

  • Yeah 2020 for sure because storage upgrades are relatively cheap

  • SSD over a Fusion Drive any day of the week. 2020 iMac 27" will probably be one of the last Intel iMacs before they release Apple Silicon version. I wouldn't consider the 2019 iMac at all.

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    I had to Google Fusion Drive to confirm it's a Hybrid HDD.

    I couldn't believe that in 2019 that Apple had an option of old HDD technology.

    As everyone else said, get the 2020 with SSD and also a SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Drive for $200.

  • My late 2015 2Tb FD 27' iMac is nearly 5 years old, has a 128gbSSD though, no problem with the fusion, have had the screen replace twice because of pink tinge with apple care, in home too.
    Make sure you buy Apple Care.

  • Fusion drive configurations also differ. I have a 2014 Mac mini with a 1tb fusion drive, comprised of 128gb ssd and 1t of spinning disk. I think it’s great. My FiL ordered an iMac a few years ago and apple had reconfigured the Specs so 1t fusion only has 24gb of ssd. Performance is MUCH slower. Often have the bouncing icon firing up excel or word. Bottom line, I have no idea what a “current” fusion drive looks like but I’d be wary…