GoPro Hero9 + Hard Case Kit $599.95 (Expired), Vanguard Veo 2 Pro 203V Tripod $149.95 @ Ted's Camera Store


Received email from ClubTed with 8 products reduced. Not sure if you have to be a Club member to get these prices as the product links display the reduced price anyway.

1) GoPro Hero 9 Kit includes GP hardcase: was ~~$699.95 now $599.95 save $100- Expired
2) Vanguard VEO 2 Pro 203CPV Carbon Fibre Tripod: was $199.95 now $149.95 save $50 (25% off)-
3) Crumpler The Trooper Backpack: was $169.95 now $119.95 save $50 (30% off)-
4) Sandisk Extreme 128GB 150mbs SD or Micro SD: was $79.95 now $54.95 save $25 (30% off)-
5) Tasco 10x25 Binoculars: was $29.95 now $23.95 save $6 (20% off)-
6) Gizomos GP06ST Mini Tripod for Mobile: was $29.95 now $20.95 Save $9 (30% off)-
7) Inca i330G Tripod with bag: was $29.95 now $14.95 save $15 (50% off)-
8) Hahnel 4-in-1 Lens Cleaning Kit: was $19.95 now $9.95 save $10 (50% off)-

You can’t use the $10 sign-up voucher or the $20 birthday voucher as these items are already discounted

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  • junk prices

  • Changeable lens cover or fixed like the 8?

  • Interesting to see the GoPro 9 getting discounts just after launch. As a previous owner of this tech, I got out of their platform because they kept changing hardware and releasing new tech too often. Great product, just an awkward marketing approach.

    • Good alternative?

      • Yeah is there actually a better alternative?

        • That depends on the needs of the individual. I went with DJI osmo pocket. Love it. Colours are more natural too.

      • Depends what you need. For some, the alternative is simply not upgrading every model. Likely the 8 will suffice. For me the alternative was realising I didn’t need that form factor. I’ve gone to Osmo pocket. Suits my application better. Less processed footage too. I realise they are different designs.

    • I think they are pushing for subscriptions more than anything.

    • I got out of their platform because they kept changing hardware and releasing new tech too often.

      That's normal for any tech company. It's a weird reason to get out… You don't own a smartphone then?

      Also, it's not necessary to upgrade every time a new model is released - I'm still on the GoPro Hero 5!

  • I wanted a GoPro for years, then realised my life would be too boring to film and the urge to buy completely disappeared…

  • I think the Gopro is cheaper on eBay $594.85

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but checked both the contents etc and both state that it comes with the camera case.
    Happy to be corrected.

  • 25% to 50% off? The gopro is only 14% off…

  • I don't think the GoPro hero 9 kit should be listed as a deal here. It's only $560 on and it includes a 12 month subscription to gopro plus. So really you're paying an extra $40 for a case and no subscription.

    • Plus subscription gives extra discounts on accessories.

    • It's much easier to deal with retailers in Aus especially the ones with many stores. I don't say it worth paying extra $40 but I bought my Hero 8 last year from GoPro and it was a painful experience which I will never do again. Actually I'm on their black list so technically can't buy anything from them with my name. Issues with payment and order confirmation and refund. Late postage and terrible customer service which I think its even worse these days during Covid with less staff. Subscription benefit is not bad but you have to buy at least $80 I think to have free postage which is not really great.

  • Don't you mean 25% to 50% off ?