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[PS5] Free Upgrade From PS4 - Watch Dogs Legion, Marvel's Avengers, Far Cry 6, Cyberpunk 2077 + More (Save up to $10 @Amazon AU)


Update: thanks to @sween64, he has shared a list he found on reddit(?) with titles listed for upgrade and the source that confirms it.

I've seen people mentioning a lot that you can buy cheaper PS4 games and get a free upgrade. So I thought I'd bring together the definitive list (best I could find it) with amazon references below. Some companies (like Ubisoft) are offering upgrades to disc and discless version (but disc version require the disc versions of new consoles), whereas PlayStation haven't confirmed what the process looks like (to the best of my knowledge).

The biggest savings seems to be $10 on a handful of games.

Game PS4 PS5
Assassin's Creed Valhalla $69 $79
Cyberpunk 2077 $79 ——-
Dead By Daylight $52.30 ——-
Destiny 2 $16.04 ——-
Dirt 5 $78 ——-
Doom Eternal $44.66 ——-
Far Cry 6 $69 $79
FIFA 21 $69 ——-
For Honour $24 ——-
Fortnite ——- ——-
Grounded ——- ——-
Hitman 3 ——- ——-
Horizon Forbidden West ——- ——-
Kena: Bridge of Spirits ——- ——-
Maneater $49 $49
Marvel's Avengers $69 ——-
Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales $79 $89 $94
Mortal Kombat 11 $29 ——-
NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever* $134.84 $139
Outriders $79 ——-
Rainbow Six Siege $19 ——-
Sackboy A Big Adventure $89 $99 $96.99
The Elder Scrolls Online $39.95 ——-
The Witcher 3 $39 ——-
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 $69 ——-
Watch Dogs Legion $69 $79

*NBA 2K21is a little strange (thanks @Phreakuency). You only get the upgrade if you get the Mamba Forever version. So though this is what I've used for comparison in the table, the base game on PS5 is actually only $88 and probably makes more sense to get if you don't care about the extra content.

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  • Thanks op. Rainbow six siege? 😲

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    What annoys me about this, is that I am a complete sucker for correct boxes. I would rather have the PS5 version than feeling like I’m ‘hacking’ the system with a PS4 game.

    Great post though regardless, thanks for compiling OP.

    • You could always go ps4 initially and then trade in for ps5 when the price drops a bit

    • ask eb games for an empty box on the shelves? lol

      • none of those empty boxes are "spare", they have discs to go in them

        • nope eb often can't find the disc….

          • @petry: I'm in 2 minds about it. Yes I would like to have a couple of PS5 cases for my physical collection, but, by getting the PS4 version and upgrading for free, I essentially have 2 copies of the game.
            1 for my PS5 and 1 that my son can play on his PS4 in his room.

          • @petry: yes, that doesn't mean the cases aren't meant to have discs for them tho. I worked there 5 years dude

    • I used to be a big collector of physical games but have gone off it since PS4 and XB1. Most of the time the complete game isn’t even on this disc anymore, almost every game requires downloads of day one patches and other updates to actually work, making the discs completely redundant. It’s a real shame because I like the sense of ownership that comes with a physical game, and the art and background stories etc in manuals used to be great.

      • Yeah I went all digital with switch though and its cost so much that ill never recoup. But I agree they are worse and worse nowadays in how much is ‘on the disc’.

      • In the same boat here. Just made the major decision to go all digital since. The turning point was Marvel's Spider-man GOTY where the disc is just the base game and the DLCs (with expiry date!) need to be downloaded from PSN.

      • Yeah PS3/X360 gen is the last gen it's worthwhile collecting for if you're worried about patches, even then most games have patches but no where on the scale of PS4/XBONE (apart from Grand Turismo 5 & 6).

        At least they had manuals though! (until EA created the trend towards the end)

      • +3 votes

        Aye I hear ya, I just bought Gran Turismo Sport Yesterday, all fired up to play, put the disc in, 57 Gig download… that the entire goddamn game ffs! And you cant play 95% of the game until update is done, I pretty much paid for the disc to download a digital version since I'm downloading the entire game anyway. There is nothing on disc anymore since so much has changed, you'd think they would update the discs at some point.

      • You can still lend a physical disc to a friend or selling it second hand. Also with the disc you can remove the game from your console when running out of space and install it again when you want. I am not sure we can remove a digital game and being available after years.

        • Yes, you can delete digital games and re download whenever

          • @thefat: This only applies as long as the server / downloads for that console is still available after the console is end of life. At some point I assume the PS4 library will go the way others have and disappear or dwindle in size.

      • Read manuals? I remember. Those(much before xbox) were the times when there were not so many great games. no netflix, not enough online series/movies, not enough linux distros and what not! XD Had time for everything!

        • There are plenty of great manuals and extras in more recent physical games. Witcher 3 and Fable Anniversary come to mind in my collection, but most don’t even bother with any printed material anymore.

      • All ps4 games come on the disc and you don't require an internet connection to play. Those updates are just your regular patches and content updates, you can still play the game in an offline mode while you wait. I'm pretty sure xbox is the same.

        • No they don’t. There are plenty of PS4 games that are unplayable until you download the rest of the game or day one patches to fix problems that exist on the shipped disc. You might be able to get away with playing a small portion of the game or a broken version of the game in many cases, but is that really what you’re paying for? There are a few exceptions, like Last of Us 2 single player on two discs for example, but most developers don’t even bother anymore.

          • @mr_me450: Such as? The 1% that are bungled from launch make up a tiny portion, and that problem isn't even reserved for this gen of games either.

            • @nomoneynoproblems: You’ve got to be kidding. It’s literally almost every game. Here’s a list of games with day 1 patches from 2014 , the year this became the norm when 1 in 3 major games all required these updates on release day. Things have only gotten worse since then. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2015/02/more-than-a-third-of-2014s...

              • @mr_me450: A day one patch doesn't mean the game is broken.

                Your ridiculous claims.

                Most of the time the complete game isn’t even on this disc anymore.

                This bs. To get certification the whole game must be supplied on the disc and be able to play offline (obviously excluding online games). You're getting confused with PC titles.

                almost every game requires downloads of day one patches and other updates to actually work.

                See point one. Just because day one are common it doesn't indicate the game is broken. Are some games are? Sure but like I said they're the extreme minority. I can only think of a few games that had actual game breaking bugs.

                making the discs completely redundant

                Just plain hyperbole.

                • @nomoneynoproblems: Honestly listen to yourself, 'just because day one patches are common doesn't indicate the game is broken'; why on earth would they release day 1 mandatory updates if the games weren't broken? Take a moment to think about why you are defending multimillion dollar companies for shipping broken games that require updates to fix them before they are even on store shelves. Good luck playing Marvel's Avengers with your disc copy without that 18gb day one patch, or Division 2 without its 50gb day one patch, or Call of Duty Black Ops 4, or Street Fighter 5, or Halo Master Chief Collection, or No Man's Sky, etc, etc, etc.

    • Get a black box and print your own cover

  • So glad I bought and never touched Witcher 3. Now I can play the PS5 upgrade.

    • You'll love it, it's very good.

    • I purchased the GOTY edition a little over a year ago for $20 of Amazon and still haven't touched it lol
      I might as well wait until I grab a PS5 and play the 'upgraded' version

    • Ms sween64 has been playing it alot lately, she'll be grateful for the quicker load times.

    • The save files are not transferrable? dang

    • word. i think i got the goty edition for like $17 on the ps store at some point… controls were like ass, so didnt bother to play very far… would def give it a go ps5 style…

    • Witcher 3 is awesome but you need to love reading and slow gameplay to love it very much!

      • No way. My eyes glass over and I mash the A button during boring bits in games and I still liked Witcher 3. The more you play it the more the plot you've been missing reveals itself, do it doesn't matter if you aren't paying attention or even if you ignore the plot for 20 hours if you find other stuff to do. Witcher is all pretty self explanatory, he goes around killing things and he's looking for his iPhone assistant or something.

    • Wow, that's a big rock you've been living under. Wish I could play the witcher 3 again for the first time.

    • I got it on PC for $20 or so and never got around to playing it, might wait for the PS5 version and see which is best before I dive in

  • NBA isn't a free upgrade on the standard version.

    Need to buy the $150 Mamba edition to get the upgrade.

  • Will the upgrade/patch be available on PS5 launch day?

    • Some titles will, others like Cyberpunk and GTAV will be in 2021. Check individually.

  • Will you be able to go from a disk ps4 to diskless ps5?

    • It would seem not.

    • Doubt it

    • The upgrade from PS3 to PS4 still required me to insert the disk to show I still owned the game so I think it’s probably the same for PS4 to PS5.

    • I doubt it, as then you could purchase PS4 discs from EB, install the digital version on your PS5, then return the PS4 version - free games :)

    • No. Get the Disc Edition if you want to play PS4 discs.

    • Sony have confirimed to play an "ehanced version" of a PS4 game that you own on disc you will need to put disc in console to play the game
      This is made very clear particually for people considering the All Digital PS5

      The PS5 console gives game publishers the ability to let players upgrade their disc and digital PS4 games to digital PS5 games.

      Upgrade may be offered at no additional cost or for a fee and may be available for a limited time. If players have a PS4 game on Blu-ray Disc, they will need to insert the PS4 game disc to see the upgrade path, download the PS5 version and keep the PS4 game disc inserted each time they play the PS5 version of the game. To upgrade eligible PS4 disc titles to digital PS5 versions, players need a PS5 console with a disc drive*

  • I could be wrong but I thought it was only the Mamba Edition of NBA 2K that gives you the PS5/Xbox Series X upgrade.
    Edit, beaten to it.

  • Isn't control getting an upgrade to ps5 too?

  • Isn't Destiny 2 Free to play these days (?)

  • its so dumb that they even have the nerve to charge for ps4 > ps5 upgrades… the architecture is the same… its like if we had to pay for upgrades to run PC games at 4K vs 1080p (aside from hardware obviously)…

    sony and their antiquated view on console generations… this isn't like the old days… but they're trying to keep it that way…

    • Sony tax

    • Blame the developers. They’re the ones in the States who decided to raise the price by $10USD.

      • If that's what they've gotta do to stop console gaming becoming "pay to win" mobile style gaming with the whole game designed around monetization rather than gameplay/story then I'm happy to hand over the extra $15AUD~…

        If we think about it games have actually gotten cheaper in my lifetime, I remember back in the N64 days new releases were always at least $100aud. Now most new releases are usually $69-79 day 1, yet the budgets have gone up astronomically, so something has to give…

        • The market has gotten exponentially larger, and the distribution is 50% in digital form, cutting out retailers as middlemen. Not to mention endless "special editions" that cost more, DLC, season passes, and various other tricks to incentivise recurrent user spending… Oh, and a lot of the larger publishers pay next to no tax, either, due to legaraging tax havens and other dodgy accounting tricks while dramatically overpaying their CEOs…



          • @Scipio: I would have though so too, but it seems PS1 total install base was a bit over 100 million consoles, and ps4 total install base coming to the end of this generation is a bit over 100 million consoles. This is from some very quick Google searches but it certainly doesn't seem like the market has gotten "exponentially" bigger, though maybe the attach rate has increased a bit I haven't really looking into that.

            I agree they have obviously increased monetization in other ways with DLC etc, but still, there is also 20 years worth of inflation and we are now paying less for an off the shelf title than we were back then, with much bigger budgets spent on the games as I mentioned before.

            All I'm saying is, if it's keeps the pay to win BS out of console games then I'll ok with it.

    • Nothing to do with Sony but individual devs. Some will offer it for free, others want revenue for the extra time and effort they put into the upgrades. It's not unreasonable.

    • I don’t think it’s really Sonys fault specifically, but individual developers (although Sony has its own Devs too).

      Backwards compatibility should allow last gen games to still work. It’s then on individual devs or publishers to decide if they’ll release a PS5 specific edition and if so, whether the upgrade is free or not.

      The Microsoft situations largely the same, and there’s pissed off owners of Control who feel left out to dry as they’ve rereleased that in a format that will get upgraded, but those who originally purchased it won’t qualify for the upgrade themselves.

      It is a pretty lame thing for a studio to do though. Fortunately a decent number are doing the free upgrade and the uptake seems to be enough that the developers not allowing free upgrades are drawing negative attention to themselves.

    • No different from the 90000 versions of Skyrim that are charged as upgrades every time they go on a new platform

    • They should just charge more for new copies of the PS4 versions if the disc is going to be universal to both consoles. But a full price 5 year old PS4 game will look pretty silly next to a preowned one half the price.

  • So how do we actually get these upgrades if we already own the game?
    In a form of an update or do we get a full PS5 game download?

    • Definitely not. PS5 + PC.

      • I doubt that now xbox have all day 1 releases on gamepass in all there newly acquired mega studios. We shall see who wins this time around.

        Either way I buy both lol

        • Cough Cough.. Fallout 76

          • @jimbobaus: Cough cough… Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored, Rage, Starfield, Quake, Prey, Evil Within, Wolfenstein.

            Not fair to cherry pick

            • @Captain Howdy: Ha Ha Ha
              yeah i know i know

              Thankfully they have pretty much confirmed that they will remain a multi platform developer with Games Pass being 100% day and date of launch.
              There is no way Microsoft will give away $$$ in game sales for big titles like Doom, Fallout and Elder Scrolls (also given the development costs)
              Might be 3-6 months later but will def come to PS5 and Switch (in some instnaces)

              Bethesda/Zenimax is a decent get for Xbox for sure but Playstation still outweighs them in terms of exclusives overall.
              I also would not suspect Sony to take this lying down anyways, the next big announcement is almost certainly going to be a mic drop studio purchase from Sony. Rumours are there is one in the works and has been for some time.

              Thankfully i am getting both consoles (on Launch Day) so will just play the games i want on the best console to do it.

              • @jimbobaus: Agreed, all these people thinking Microsoft will lock these games away after paying $7.5 billion are delusional
                Assuming the PS5 sells equal amount as the PS4, that's 110 million install base at $70 a pop. Do the math
                And thats before taking into account the Nintendo Switch's install base

                Who's going to say no to that in order to sell more Xbox consoles where Microsoft is losing money per unit until inflation kicks in 3-7 years down the road….

                The Holy Trinity of PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC is still the best me thinks. Though I am tempted to buy the Xbox Series S

        • People keep saying Gamepass, so I bought into the 3 year Gamepass Brazil thing and quickly realised a few things.

          1) You don't get the full versions of games but the very basic ones. Forza 4 Horizon for example doesn't include any of the dlc content or expansions or extras which is what made it great. All extra $$$ which is what they're trying to upsell you.

          2) Games don't stay on Gamepass forever but do cycle out, so eventually some games currently available will be taken away with nothing you can do about it.

          3) You don't actually own a license for any games with Gamepass. Once your account lapses or gets disabled for whatever reason, you lose access to these games.

          4) You can still resell physical copies to recoup some money but after years of paying for Gamepass you're left with nothing at all to keep.

          5) Quality of games. Highly subjective and debateable till the cows come home but quality over quantity is preferred by some.

          It's not going to stop millions of PS5 game exclusives being sold.

          • @Hybroid: So basically the same limitations as any other streaming service.

            Of course you can’t keep the games. They’d have people sign up for one month at $1 (for the initial trial period) and walk away with 200+ releases otherwise.

          • @Hybroid: there are games on gamepass with all dlc - gamepass is a library so of course title s change.

            very high quality games on gamepass, and very recent as well.

            the final comment 'It's not going to stop millions of PS5 game exclusives being sold.' explains the very negative pitch - which is what it is.

            I wonder which ps5 exclusives are gonna sell 'millions' in the next 12 months - unless refering to fact so little to choose from…

          • @Hybroid: That is correct but you said just the bad side. There are a lot positive with game pass. If I told you 10y ago you could have 160 games from day one without leave your house for as little as $0,50 cents per day you would say I was crazy. It wont stop the ps5 sells, gamepass will increase the Xbox sale
            That is the point!

          • @Hybroid: It's Netflix of games, it's not Humble Bundle Xbox edition.

            My only real gripe with it is point 1, but that's not even the case with every game.

  • Does anyone know if both ps4 and ps5 controllers will be compatible while playing the ps4 disc on a ps5?