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Q Acoustics QB-12 Powered Subwoofer - $799 Delivered (RRP $1449; Last Sold $999) @ RIO Sound and Vision



We're clearing out all Q Acoustics stock and have dropped the price EVEN FURTHER on the Q Acoustics QB-12 12 INCH Powered Subwoofer to ONLY $799 Delivered!
Our sale is only until stocks last and we only have very LIMITED STOCK available!

What HiFi? gave this subwoofer a 5-star review and described it as 'punchy and powerful'­, so getting it at a $799 is a more than awesome bargain!

As an Authorised Australian Dealer, buy from RIO with peace of mind with a full 2 year Australia-Wide Warranty.


  • Drive unit: 305mm (12in) high-excursion and stiffness paper, straight-sided cone.
  • Max power output: 220 watts (@ 1% THD)
  • Power type: Class D
  • Frequency range: 28 Hz – 300 Hz
  • Crossover frequency range: 70 Hz – 225 Hz
  • Input impedance: 13 kΩ
  • Input sensitivity: 150 mV
  • Enclosure type: Infinite baffle
  • Enclosure material: MDF
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 44.6 cm (hwd)
  • Weight: 18.5 kg

What’s in the box?

  • QB12 subwoofer
  • User manual
  • Power cable
  • 4 x adjustable floor spikes
  • 4 x floor spike locking rings
  • 4 x floor spike covers

And don't forget that we also have our MASSIVE WAREHOUSE CLEAR-OUT on to move as much stock as possible as we make room for our Preston Store renovations which are currently underway so there are price reductions on all your favourite items store-wide. Head to our website and shop online today for some great bargains with FREE DELIVERY across Australia!!

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  • wow i thought this looked good as a itx case

  • damn, i really want this - but have already spent waaaay too much money with you guys this year.

  • I was looking at purchasing a REL HT/1205. Anyone know how this compares to the REL sub? I'm a HT noob

    • Not sure about this one specifically but in general terms i'd take a REL over most brands any day

    • Having not heard either, I'd still say the REL would crap all over this.

    • isnt the REL like double this price though

    • The Rel is definitely a higher grade subwoofer, but generally more suited towards musicrather than movies(though will still be fine for movies). So depends on your style. It will still be better than a Q Acoustics though(quite a bit more expensive too). For movies in that price range better off getting something like SVS subs. Depends what your goal is.

      • How can you tell if a sub is better suited towards music/movies? I'm looking for one for music only, but every sub seems to be labelled 'home audio.'

        • It's hard to say for certain and with a real degree of accuracy, as really at the end of the day, it's all very subjective. Your ears, your room, your head shape, your personal perceptiosn will all play into waht sounds best. Some say that Ported subs are better for movies, and sealed works for both music and movies Best. There's a decent argument to be made there, in that you want movie based subs to hit your real low frequencies like 30-20hz, which isn't really neccesary for music and that's where your ported sits.

          My view is always research based on the music genre/s you prefer and go use that as your guide. Me, I'm very much geared towards instrument based music (Blues/Jazz/Folk/Metal etc), and the timing on Rels subs just outclasses everything else I've listened to. The one mentioned above will do well on both movies and music, but yeah I find their subs to be more muscially inclined. It depends how much you want to spend, but I personally run the Rel T/7i. That line is magic for music, there is a 5 and 9 too, which will depend on the size of your room as to which is more appropriate.

          Though, my biggest piece of advice is to go to a showroom and just have a nice listneing session.

  • Damn!!! want!!!!

    but what to do with my 3070S?


  • This is beautiful. I already have a Q Acoustics subwoofer but I still have an outlet for another one. Should I buy?

  • While you get some AU relative good deals on Q Acoustics on this forum, they are so much cheaper in the UK. As opposed to something like the Edifier speakers that compare very well from a pricing perspective against the UK and US. It's the same with brands like KEF to. We get seriously ripped off here.

    So I'm not sold on this being a bargain.

    • I tried saying the same thing in the past, got downvoted more than ten based on ignorance and everyone was like "Oh but look at this shop and this shop, it's a really good deal!"

      Had numerous people attack my opinion without even adding a side of logic to their argument.

      So I thought, I'll show them how ignorant they are, the next day, instead of a $399, I found one for $310.

      • Haha, totally. A discount is a discount no matter what the original price is right? That's why Kathmandu do well. Either way, I'm from the UK and have owned so many high end pieces of hifi equipment (only bought in the UK rather than here) that I know I'm qualified to have an opinion. In this case, Q Acoustics being over priced in Australia is a fact rather than opinion. Although, I've already been down voted twice so you're right!

    • There have actually been excellent deals on KEF posted in ozbargain, basically on par with USD

      • KEF definitely aren’t the worst audio brand/product when it comes to this sort of thing, but they can do much better. There will always be (usually very limited stock) outlier sales, but in general we get still get shafted on RRP and regular sale prices. For example, KEF’s newest speaker, the LS50 Meta, is £1000 in the UK. It’s marked up by 38% here ($2495).

    • Question is whether I can buy it fro UK? If not, then this is a good deal with warranty.

    • Normally true, but this sub never really goes on sale there. That being said, it looks like Rio are clearing Q Acoustics stock because Amazon Australia has unlocked Amazon UK as a seller for our region. They can't compete for speaker prices.

      In terms of the best price I can see in the UK (and perhaps historically), looks like £430, so there's no savings to be had unless you can get it ex-VAT.

  • What size room would this be for as I'm looking for a replacement


      this will work perfectly fine from rooms roughly 3mx4m it can handle rooms around 5mx7m easily

  • 28 Hz is not very low for a 12 inch driver, 200W of power is borderline adequate and 1% distortion at full power is 10 times what it should be.

    RRP is way overpriced, you can get an SVS SB1000 with 300W and 24 Hz response for $1100 any time so I believe $800 for this is only what it's worth compared to that, it's not special value unless you subscribe only to the 'less than RRP is the definition of a bargain' philosophy.

  • I am looking to upgrade my center speakers. Does anyone know if Q Acoustics Concept Center Speaker are better that Q ACOUSTICS 3090Ci?

  • I have a 10 year old Wharfedale SW150. Will this be a significant improvement in general for watching movies?

  • Mods, please delete. Dupe of my post above. Thank you!

  • Any deal on a good 10" Sub?

    and also are the leg spikes removable?

  • Bloody, someone update this post. It's all sold out.