$3 off @ Boost Juice


Boost are doing a promotion regarding their new coriander drink.

Not sure what happens when you say you don't love coriander on the website (just keep eating it, it gets better).
Edit: If you hate coriander you get nothing but a sassy email. Fair.

But when choosing the "Love" option you'll receive a voucher (seems generic) for $3 off a Pineapple Coriander Twist Boost Juice.

Might work on other drinks. Edit: Seems like it does

Email below.

Hi stickyfingers,

Welcome to the club legend. Not only do you get to experience genetic superiority and an A-Grade flavour palette, you also get $3 OFF to try the Pineapple Coriander Twist at your local Boost Juice 🙌

Enter the below codeword into the Boost app under our "Challenges" section to redeem.


GIF of Jackie Chan licking his lips

Suck it 🥤🍍

The Boost Team

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