[PS4] Free Theme - The Last of Us Part II Dynamic Beach Theme Plus All TLOU Themes/Avatars @ PlayStation Store


Edit - beach theme is still free.

Free theme as part of “The last of us day” aka “outbreak day”.

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According to the pair, all existing themes and avatars for The Last of Us Part II are 100 percent free, no strings attached, via the PlayStation Store until September 28 at 11:59 pm PT. Included in this is a brand new theme.

The highlight of this is possibly The Last of Us Part II Beach Theme, a dynamic theme based on the game that comes with custom music, custom icons, and custom sounds. And unlike most of the game, it doesn't make you actively distressed and depressed.

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  • What a brilliant game that was! Thanks for the free stuff.

  • Makes me want to play through again. One of the best games ever

  • I do not want this depression simulator on my console !!

  • Great game. Perhaps not the game we needed in 2020, but rather the game we deserved.

  • Brilliant and very under appreciated game!

    • Absolutely a brilliant game, but only under appreciated by a vocal minority that decided to judge it based on the leaks and the wealth of misinformation that stemmed from it. It’s very sad when people flat out refused to play it based on what others were saying - they’re missing out on something special, but hopefully many will revise their opinions after experiencing it for themselves.

      A sequel that took many risks but in doing so elevated the story and overall themes to something unforgettable.

      • Completely agree. I was so apprehensive before I played it, even though I didn't read any spoilers, there were some story headlines which you couldn't avoid which gave you a feel of what was going on, all from virtue signaling basement dwellers who hadn't even played the game.

        I must admit it impacted my enjoyment of the game because I had a suspicion of what was going to happen (but it never transpired) but the expectation still dampened my enjoyment somewhat. Yes the story dragged in parts but in an age when i finished RE2 in a few hours, I loved that TLOU2 was 34 hours for me.

  • Everything about this game is amazing except for story. I completely appreciated everything else though including voice actors.

  • expecting for golf club with blood drops…

  • whens part 3?

  • Can anyone help? My nephew is trying to download the beach background theme but when he clicks 'download to ps4' it downloads a different background theme instead (the 'ellie' one). I don’t know how to help him (lockdown) and don’t know why he can’t get that beach background theme. He says it always downloads the Ellie one even when he clicks on the beach background to download. Very confusing

    • It worked for me, but then I had most of the themes already, except for the beach one, stop sign and outbreak day one from the first game (which I swear I had… maybe it was on a different account).

      It's possible that the PlayStation Store is giving out the wrong file for some (it does happen occasionally).

      Did he "purchase" the correct theme from the OP's link (get him to do this in a web browser - PC or mobile is fine)?…

      Rather than hit the Download button there, have him check his Download List and he should see "The Last of Us Part II Beach Theme" appear there with the correct image and a file size of 21.17Mb… https://store.playstation.com/en-au/download/list

      Hit the Download to your PS4 button there.

      Alternatively, go to The Last Of Us II in the PS4's Library, scroll down to PlayStation Store, then press Right on the controller, it will then show all the add-ons you have for the game, scroll down to Themes and see if the beach one is there/installed. There are download arrows next to each item if they aren't installed (I have 6 themes showing up there).

      • Thanks for helping. Hopefully it works out for them.

      • I appreciate the detailed reply, thanks-I emailed it to my brother yesterday so he could help my nephew and they tried what you wrote twice but unfortunately it didn't work. He says it still keeps downloading the wrong background theme ('Ellie') despite him clicking on the beach one. Not sure what is going on since I don't play games but I thought downloading a background theme would be simple, apparently not for him

        • Sorry to hear that he still can't get the theme.

          Can you get him to try downloading it on another account?

          If there isn't another user account on the PS4, he can create one, activate it as his Primary PS4, and still be able to use the Theme on his normal/main account (if that makes sense),

          I haven't seen any other reports of it not working, so i'm not sure what's going on. If he has the time (and patience) to call the monkeys at PlayStation Support in Australia, they can probably guide him through the process, or suggest a fix. Their number is 1300 365 911 (open M-F from 8am-8pm).

  • would do anything to delete just the memories of this game from my mind

  • Visually stunning game but the story has more plot holes than a round of golf