[PC] Steam-Resident Evil 3 $37.23/Darksiders III $18.32/ELEX $16.29/SpellForce 3 $16.29/SpellForce 3:Soul Harvest $10.75 - 2Game


Great prices for these games - all time lowest according to ITAD.

Darksiders III: https://2game.com/en-au/darksiders-iii

ELEX: https://2game.com/en-au/elex

SpellForce 3: https://2game.com/en-au/spellforce-3

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest: https://2game.com/en-au/spellforce-3-soul-harvest


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  • Seems like an official reseller like Greenman, or am i being duped?

  • Been waiting for RE3 PC price drop as well

  • Bought RE3 but my order status is "Contact Support":

    There is an issue with processing your order [order # here].
    Please, contact the Support Team. You can do so via the Ticket System or the Support Chat.
    Please, keep in mind it might take some time. We value the security of each and every member of the community very highly.
    We appreciate your patience and please, note that we are doing this for your own safety.

    I'll update if anything goes wrong.

    • Keep in mind where the company is located. So have some patience. They are an official reseller and I have never had an issue with their keys.

    • Yeah, I'm getting the same erro "please contact support"
      I've sent in a ticket, I'll see how it goes.