[PS4] Project Cars 3 $69.95 (was $99.95)/BLACKHOLE Compl. Ed. $4.48 (was $17.95) - PlayStation Store


All time lowest prices on the PlayStation Store for these two games.

BLACKHOLE: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP2632-CUSA06921...


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  • Going by the reviews I'll pass

    • Don't know why you were downvoted, this game is pretty dreadful.

      Good: Looks great (same graphics as PC 2 really), decent range of cars (though nowhere near Forza), runs well on my potato PC

      Bad: The absolute hands down dumbest career mode I have ever seen. You don't progress by winning races, you have to perform stupid circus tricks. Forced to buy cars you don't want to progress, with the tiny amount of credits given. Terrible soundtrack, cars sound like vacuum cleaners. Races go from easily stomping AI to brutally hard time trials. Terrible physics, no rain tires so you just spiral around like you're on ice when it rains.

    • Just get PC2 instead if you dont have already

  • check reviews before buying.

  • What the hell happened to this game? I completed Project Cars 2 and I loved it. I preferred it to Gran Turismo (always felt physics were floaty)

    • They wanted the Forza Horizon audience, but didn't stop and think about what makes FH fun