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Spotify free is completely unusable now. It used to be okay. You could skip ads and you wouldn't get too many of them, but now there are…
14/04/2024 - 14:38
After the hours of download time.
22/03/2024 - 21:18
Garbage club that will then boast about their membership numbers when they basically give them away.
05/03/2024 - 21:27
Why'd you name yourself after one of the biggest snakes in the music industry?
24/02/2024 - 22:17
"considering what you will spend when you are at the ground as well" Ridiculous. No one is forcing you to buy food and merch there.
19/02/2024 - 07:14
These end up being close to $30 with the ridiculous service fee.
12/02/2024 - 07:07
Boycott EB Games
10/02/2024 - 11:47
So these dislikes are allowed Ozbargain mods? But any other legitimate negative votes of a sale aren't?
10/02/2024 - 07:49
What is with the McD doesn't like us taking screenshots thing? Are they a stakeholder of this site?
05/02/2024 - 21:24
There are lots of extreme lefties on ozbargain who get offended.
23/01/2024 - 09:11
Great retort. You sound like a sheep. You only listen to people with millions of followers?
18/12/2023 - 17:02
"You only need a passport if you travel" Genius.
17/12/2023 - 14:57
What's bullshit is that you can't get a 5 year passport or even less. Someone may only need to travel once to visit a family member or go…
15/12/2023 - 20:43
"McD doesn't like us taking screenshots" Why is Ozbargain beholden to McDonald's?
12/12/2023 - 21:21
Lego 2K is good. Driving around the open world looking for everything made for a relaxing time. I didn't have to spend one extra cent on it…
02/12/2023 - 08:29
"Open only to users who haven't already tried Premium.." Offer not available to users who canceled Premium after 27 October, 2023
27/11/2023 - 22:13
Rip off merchants and shit customer service.
10/11/2023 - 18:21
Boycott EB Games
31/10/2023 - 19:30
Let us all hope that people like you, with no empathy for others who have suffered, suffer from a serious side effect from your next…
02/10/2023 - 17:51
Why does anyone buy anything from these rip off merchants?
02/10/2023 - 17:47
Terrible remake. Play the PS1 version.
22/09/2023 - 21:41
True. That would make anyone question their worth.
16/09/2023 - 13:35
06/09/2023 - 18:13
What's more tiresome is boot lickers like you who support him killing 800+ people and getting away with it scot-free by saying 'a don't…
03/09/2023 - 14:24
Mods, change my upvote to a downvote. The tickets never arrived.
26/08/2023 - 16:35
Yeah. Any game that has been around for a while should be 'free'. Logic.
01/08/2023 - 21:51