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Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSD $173 ($144 after Cashback) Delivered @ Centrecom


SSD is getting cheaper those days. Samsung has cashback promotion on SSDs

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSD - MZ-76E1T0BW
1TB, SAMSUNG V-NAND, 2.5". 7MM, SATA III 6GB/S, 550MB/S/520MB/S, 98K/90K IOPS, 600TBW, 5 YR WAR

I go through few participate sellers, has lowest price overall,
144 AUD after Cash back shipped

If you live close by, you can pick it up from Umart @169-29=140

Cash back link

Participating Resellers:

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O - Z

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    Would it fit my MacBook Pro early 2011 15”.?

    • And macbook pro mid 2012?

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      Check if it has a SATA bay, if so then yes

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      Specs are "500 or 750 GB (5400-rpm SATA), or 500 GB (7200-rpm SATA), or 128, 256, or 512 GB (SSD)"

      BTW got this from the excellent MacTracker app which shows the specs of all of Apple's products (not including dongles, cables etc!).

      • Oh mate thank you 🙏🏻 so much .!

        • You may already know, but the site has instructions on how to do it.

          It's not at all tricky to do (I've done it a number of times).

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  • Think I saw these on computer alliance ebay store at $159 with $10 off. Plus the $16 cash back.

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      That's the 860 QVO 1TB, all 860 EVO 1TB get $29 Cash Back

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        Ah yeah you're right - dang similar abbreviations 😢

  • These better than the wd blue m.2 nvme drives for$155?


      860 evo SATA beats WD Blue M.2 NVME in terms of user rating but NVme has much higher speeds.

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        cheers, prob should have kept the WD Blue for a second nvme, but sent it back to amazon ($7 fee, not too bad)
        Was kind of saying once my P1 fills up would get better m.2 nvme like the samsungs
        cheers m8


          this thread has a solid guide for all type of SSDs

          • @yummycoot: Cheers seen something similar

            not too phased will just use this till filled up and get a higher end one later

            • @G-rig: yeah that pdf is from the same redditor in the thread. its a good list, everything points to 860 EVO right now. Saw that Seagate is running cashback deals on SSD+HDD bundle on Centrecom and other stores, so could check that out if you are in the market for NVme again in the next month.


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                @yummycoot: Some alright deals around, saw computer alliance also has cashback on Samsung SSD,
                probably the same deal.

                Was thinking eventually get a 500GB Samsung 970 Evo PLUS M.2 for os drive and just use my P1 m.2 for a games drive perhaps. 1TB is better but it's really just games that take up a lot, windows and a few other applications shouldn't be more than 500GB.

                Just have to compare a few:
                - 512GB Samsung 970 PRO M.2 (2280) PCIe SSD PN MZ-V7P512BW, $199+$28 CASHBACK!*
                - 500GB Samsung 970 Evo PLUS M.2 PCIe SSD PN MZ-V7S500BW, $137+$23 CASHBACK!*


                • @G-rig: Guess should have taken advantage of the ebay 15% cashback cash rewards..

                  ps. I noticed Amazon AU isn't part of the Samsung cashback anymore?

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                    @G-rig: Amazon wasnt part of it from the start, didnt see their logo on the Samsung cashback page

  • Are these a good upgrade for a PS4?

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      I've read that having an EVO is a bit overkill, and the QVO is more adequate (and cheaper).
      I've literally only been looking to upgrade my PS4 over the last couple days. So have only just learnt a little about which SSD to get.
      I think I'm going to go for a QVO.

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        Fair enough. Yea looking at the review videos on YouTube, it seems to mainly help with loading times.

        Good for games like GTA5, which annoys the crap out of me waiting for things to load. I think the QVO will probably address those issue.

  • If PC Byte the same as Futu online, their store have it for $175

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    An extra $2.08 tax for PayPal or CC payment option with Centrecom

  • I went to buy this over the weekend. I wanted it ASAP, and MSY have it for $1 cheaper (if you can do pickup). MSY had a online payment surcharge so it went from $172 to $173.72. Did contactless click & collect. Got it same day. (MSY do $5 delivery atm, Centrecom is free delivery)

  • I bought this SSD, however, when I used a SATA USB cable connect to laptop and tried to clone C: drive, the Samsung Data Migration tool didn't recognise it's a Samsung SSD. Same as Samsung Magician tool, it only recognised as a generic USB drive. However, Hard Disk Sentinel did recognise it as EVO 860 Samsung drive.

    Without it being recognised as Samsung disk, couldn't use Samsung disk tool to clone the C drive.

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      USB is the problem, don't have a desktop to connect it to SATA?

      • I wanted to clone the laptop only one bay. Never mind, I will use Macrium Reflect backup does the same job.

  • I need a M.2 SATA SSD, is the 860 EVO for $94 delivered at Centrecom the cheapest out there right now?

    shopbot tells me so

    was looking at WD Blue 3D (500GB) for $88 delivered by Amazon AU but the cloning software isnt user friendly.

  • Buyer beware for Samsung's SSD Cashback promotion,

    I still haven't received cashback for 2 x 4TB 860 Evo from their EOFY Promo.

    Redemption History
    24 Aug 2020 Notified Product Manager
    24 Aug 2020 Request Submitted
    25 Aug 2020 Validation Completed

    Ignored by [email protected] multiple times.

    Called 1300 362 603 and a clerk said Promotions don't have a direct number.

    Poor customer service by Samsung.

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