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Intel Core i5-10400F 10th Gen (6-Core, 12 Thread CPU) $209 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Heaps of info/opinions in this post thanks to Alex.

  • Clock Speed (GHz): 2.9GHz
  • Boost Clock Speed (GHz): 4.3GHz
  • Number of Cores: 6
  • Number of Threads: 12
  • Unlocked (Overclockable): No
  • CPU Cooler Included: No Yes
  • Motherboard Compatibility: LGA 1200 (H410 - H470 - B460 - Z490)
  • Socket: LGA 1200

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  • new ryzen cpus come out end of october. not only they will provide more options but reduce current cpu prices. probably the worst time to buy cpus at the moment.

    • Do you think intel will lower prices after zen3?

    • Doesn't change the fact that some people need a CPU now.

      This is also disregarding the fact that usually when any new CPU or GPU launches in Australia, there are either supply issues, or prices are jacked up above retail, or both, so prices and availability take time to fix themselves. Combine this with the fact that Zen 3 hasn't even been announced yet, and you could be waiting months to get a zen3 CPU at a reasonable price. I don't know if prices of existing CPUs will drop drastically either as it seems to vary from launch to launch.

      • obviously, if you need one now, you can buy it now. Just saying that right now isn't a great time to buy.

        • My CPU just blew up but I think I'll wait 2 months with no pc 🤦‍♂️

        • I’m with you mate. I’m just casually building a pc for tax deduction and not in a rush. I can happily wait a couple of months for the next generation.

          Same goes with cars, sure if you need a car now, buy it now. If you’re just looking to swap cars because you like it, don’t settle for this years Run out model when you know in a month or two, the new model is out.