Bonds Bluey Clothing - Why Are They So Expensive

Was looking around for some decent clothing and came across Bonds Bluey clothing ..Why are they so expensive and why are people even buying these?

Some of them on marketplace are advertised for over $50 .. size 000 and 00 which the baby would wear for less than 3 - 4 weeks and its same on ebay too >>one is for $90 !


  • scalpers. I am a subscriber and got the news a day before release. Was on the website a day earlier for members at launch time and still missed out. Very popular items.

    • also the bluey clothing range at target isn't bad!

    • Wow..Its just cotton clothing with prints.. Bonds should make more of these if they are so popular !

      • You can’t keep the market inflated if you make too many as it looses it’s limited edition status.

    • What kind of price are they released at ?

    • My wife tried for hours to get something. we could see people listing it on ebay as soon as the sale started. One lady with a history of selling only limited bonds clothing was already advertising some items for more than double the price.

      We got charged but no invoice, it got reversed a week later

  • Check Mulan range too on eBay, it’s funny how $5 jumpsuit at woolies can sell for $50

  • The Disney x bonds ranges are limited releases hence why people often buy to resell for more. They didn’t used to do such limited release number of bonds x Disney stuff. It’s kind of sad that they do it now.

  • Little Augustus cant be seen in Target specials.. What about his image !?!

  • Just buy blue clothes
    Same same but different

  • How else are they going to learn to be good little consumers if you don’t start covering them in “limited edition” merchandise when they’re young?

  • Because kids love it and parents would buy anything to make them happy .. i'm one of those. My kid loves bluey. And unfortunately, i missed it on bonds. But, i won't buy from ebay or marketplace as most of time it's not genuine.

    • Yes,but some are 000 and 00 sizes selling at this price and looks like it make the parents happy than making kids happy .. Hope you find some for your kids at next release !

  • To cover the ooga booga fines?

  • Supply + demand = $$$

  • Because Bluey is an awesome show, best show out of Australia in a while…sad but true.

  • I'm in some Facebook mums group and there were heaps that either bought everything they could get or crying that they missed out, very popular with the kids apparently.